Ironforge is the capital city of Dwarves and the adopted capital city of Gnomes. It is in Dun Morogh, in central Eastern Kingdoms - between Azeroth and Khaz Modan. It is linked by the Deeprun Tram to Stormwind City.


Ironforge was once the social, and political centre of the main Dwarven clans. The Bronzebeard clan, Wildhammer clan, and Dark Iron clan all lived under the banner of Ironforge, led by King Modimus Anvilmar. Upon his death, there was no assigned, or apparent heir to the throne; which led to civil unrest between the clans. Each clan felt that their leader held the right of Kingship, and the War of the Three Hammers began as a result. The Bronzebeard clan, traditionally being the defenders of the city, and having the largest standing army eventually drove out the other two clans, leaving the city in the hands of the Bronzebeards.

Before the War was over, the Dark Iron emperor Thaurissan led an assault against Ironforge in an attempt to claim all of Khaz Modan. Their forces had been split however, as half of their forces moved to attack the Wildhammer. The city was retained by the Bronzebeards, and the Dark Irons returned to their home at Blackrock Mountain. The Wildhammer's home at Grim Batol was rendered uninhabitable by dark magic, and they were offered sanctuary within Ironforge, though they refused.[1]

Ironforge remained in the hands of the Bronzebeards for over 250 years, and leadership of the clan was passed down through the Bronzebeard line down to Magni Bronzebeard. During the Elemental Invasion precluding the Cataclysm however, Magni activated an ancient Titan tablet to protect the city, resulting in his body being fused with diamond at the heart of Ironforge. His inability to rule, led to his Dark Iron affiliated daughter Moira returning to take his place until her son came of age. She was an ineffective, and spiteful leader to the Bronzebeards however, and the Council of Three Hammers was formed to better represent the best interest of the people; consisting of Moira, Magni's brother Muradin, and the Wildhammer High Thane Falstad Wildhammer.

Inhabitants Edit

Karyrth Thunderstone

Guilds Edit

The Stonefoot Clan is based in Ironforge.


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