The Ironforge S's is a small time gang of about 4 or so members, its main role is to sell off stolen property and to move narcotics, guns and other illegal goods into Khaz Modan and Stormwind.

Current membersEdit

Silver (Whit Gehax) - Ring leader and Dealer

Scar (Hamionay) - Dealer

Tarros "The Cheese" Simpkins - Smuggler

Menag - Unknown:

????: - The Supplier - A mysterious Supplier of Bloodthistle known only to live up north.


A long time back a dive was opened up used in the moving of Bloodthistle and other illegal goods.

A while back there was a violent kidnaping of two that is believed to have links to the murder of the leader of a small paladin order and the assault of three civilians, one of these had a "S" cut into her arm. The "S" can be seen sometimes, tattooed onto the bodies of there victims or painted onto walls.

Recently the gang seems to have come back in heavy force, seemly spurred by new funding.

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