Name Edit

Iserles Duskward

Traits Edit

Physical Edit

Your average Night Elf; blue skin, green hair and the normal Nelf eye colour* Thin and tall, ancient. Has no stamina and is not strong at all.

*meaning that she doesn't have golden eyes.

Personal Edit

  • Patient, tolerant and kind - you could think of her as a motherly figure but...
  • Can be moody and blunt - wanting to get the job done as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Does not like to see her opponents suffer.

Race and Class Edit

Night Elf Druid

Guild Edit


Occupation Edit

Part Time:

  • Herbalist
  • Judge
  • Healer
  • Adventuer/Mercenary
  • Scribe
  • Alchemist

However, Iserles does not have alot of money to her name since it usually all goes to the orphanage.

Family Edit

Did have a husband and daughter but she knows that he is dead and supects that her daughter is too.

Background Edit

Iserles, from quite a young age, was trained to be a Druid but was not thought of a being particually outstanding so the family married her off to a high ranking Priest. Iserles never truely loved him but he was good to her and she had an affection for him. Finally Iserles became pregnant and gave birth to their daughter, Mueda. Both sides of the family hoped that the child would grow to be a great Druid but as she grew and started to train, she became increasingly violent and hostle towards her seniors. Finally Mueda was refused training and both sides of the family saw another shame brought on them. Iserles however still had faith in the child and so started to train her herself.

I'm not quite sure how explain what happen next but the outcome of it was that Iserles's husband was murdered, Mueda disapeared and Iserles was deemed insane and her family dis-owned her. During the next years she forced herself to enter The Emerald Dream in an attempt to find consolation. When she awoke she found herself in Darnassus and tried to start a new life for herself.

(Ah..forgot major part of her story...) She trained to be a Druid of the Fang but never truly completed her training, had an affair with the man who was instructing her (Mueda is the child of this relationship) and this is the same man who killed her husband.

Criminal Record Edit

Nothing except for something from the days of Queen Azshara. But because that era is over, I don't think that the Alliance would have any bad records of her.

Personal Notes Edit

An alt and I think she's going to stay that way..

Iserles was one of the judges for Trial and Error.

Lost is a short story related to Mueda; it's from her point of view.

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