Name Edit

Ishaye Daeavia

Physical Traits Edit

Age - She stopped counting after one thousand, but appears to be in the first flush of Kaldorei adulthood.

Height - 6' 4" (1.93 metres)

Weight - Less than a sabre, more than a cub.

Ishaye is a tall, slender woman who carries herself with a certain sense of pride and elegance. She rarely dresses for appearance - her robes elegant in their simplicity, her almost silver hair hanging freely behind her shoulders due to a complete lack of imagination or style. Her skin is extremely pale, and her deep violet facial markings are a striking contrast. She has one pet - a tiny, snow-white cat which can either be seen wrapping itself around her ankles or clinging for dear life to her cloak. It has no collar, but seems to answer to the name "Prickle".

Race and Class Edit

Kaldorei. (According to game mechanics, she's a Priest, but IC'ly she's an alchemist who happens to know a few healing spells.)

Guild Edit


Occupation Edit

Ishaye has been semi-based in "The Agronomical Apothecary" in Dalaran for some time, spending her time traveling back and forward through Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms working as an alchemist and general dogsbody.


Ishaye has spent much of her life drifting, much in the same way as the first falls of autumn spend the winter drifting amongst the glens of Ashenvale and beyond. Much of her early memories are set against the pristine expanses of Wintersping's snowfields, but soon the glittering-white lanscape changes, and she finds herself amongst a community living amongst the virginial boughs of Teldrassil - the fabled new world tree. Seasons come, seasons go, and soon the rumours of corruption and unease in the branches are clear for all to see. Darnassus bustles with activity, the shimmering violet portal calling her through, and again Ishaye is drifting across seas and mountain ranges, spending some time in Stormwind and the human lands until one day she wakes, finding herself in a small sun-filled room in the newly restored Dalaran. She stretches, rising swiftly and dresses in a simple robe, soon strolling along indigo-cobbled streets as she makes her way to work at the apothecarium. Day after day she repeats the routine until she finds herself thinking that maybe, just maybe, it is time to stop drifting. She met an untimely end in a back-alley laboratory in Stormwind's Mage District, when a bunsen burner exploded and burnt the lab with her inside. Ouch.

Family Edit

Ishaye makes vague reference to "family" spread between Ashenvale and Winterspring, however going by Kaldorei standards this "family" is likely to be more tribal/communal and less "traditional."

Friends Edit

Khayri - She quite adores him, you know.

Northwall - Despite his status as a respected colonel she feels no sense of awe or fear from him, seeing him as a remarkably wise head on human shoulders.

Criminal Record Edit

Ishaye has a completely clean record.

Alliance: Night Elf: Priest

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