Iwthe in her Troll guise


Verdauga riding Iwthe

Iwthe the Cloudwing is a white drake who carries Verdauga upon her back. Iwthe would have been a blue drake had Verdauga not taken her egg from the Oculus and used it to create his "perfect drake". Ever obsessed with white pelt, Verdauga placed the egg in a moonwell where it was exposed to a tremendous amount of moonlight and lunar arcane energy over the months. The Tauren sought to raise a Drake to carry his tired self across the skies. Iwthe hatched a quarter of the way through the year and with Verdauga's skills in the wild growth vine (A herb he had used upon his son to promote rapid growth) Iwthe became a great drake. There is concern to Verdauga's methods of creating her, essentially he mutated her in his goal to gain a white pelted drake. The colour of Iwthe's tail and wings are the same colour as Green Drakes, possibly because of Verdauga's influence as a Druid. There are still signs of her true pelt colour in her cyan colouring. Like most dragons, Iwthe is an intelligent being and unlike other dragons who takes the forms of Elves and Humans, she takes the form of a Troll in her mortal guise. When not carrying Verdauga across the land she will be trying to aid the Dragonflights. When not aiding the Dragonflights she will often get distracted for many hours by the simplest of things like her own reflection or the clouds in the sky. Verdauga may well have given her minor brain damage from his methods of creating her. Iwthe the Cloudwing is a perfect example of how far Verdauga Whitecloud will go to achieve his ambitious, jilted beliefs and his obsession with "pelt purity".

Verdure (Verdauga) seldom rides upon Iwthe these days, and she flies around Northrend doing her own business.

Notes Edit

The name "Iwthe" is an anagram of "White"

Iwthe is procounded I (like "i" in "Pig") wi (like "wi" in "Wig") th (like "th" in "Thursday")

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