Name Edit

Iyokus Shatterstar

Don't ask him to list his titles - you'll be there a while and he'll likely make up more than a fair few.

Physical Traits Edit

Iyokus is tall, his imposing presence only accented by his broad, powerful shoulders. He is rangy and lean, almost devoid of body fat, muscles straining against his dark purple skin. His hair is a stunning white and normally worn long and wild, a mane that whips around him as he fights, often kept off his face with a tatty headband. He can also be seen wearing a leather eyepatch over one eye, though observant watchers will notice that the eye that it is covering changes regularly, sometimes between meals. The clothes he wears are second hand but hard-wearing, sometimes the blood of the previous owner blotching the material.

Those who have seen him naked will know that his entire body is crossed with scars. Iyokus has been wounded by all manner of weapons and spells and his body attests to his millenia of ceaseless combat. Some are large and appear to be mortal wounds to the trained eye, others, like a stylished glyph over his heart, are small, and seemingly meaningless. In a world of force healing, to be so drenched in scars suggests a fixation coloured by obsession. His right ear is tattered and torn, pocked with bullet holes along its length, and he is not so quick to pinpoint sounds that originate on that side. Across his throat is a jagged, ugly scar, poorly sewn up, but one he fingers often when pensieve. Despite all this, his actual face is unscarred, though the wounds on his neck trail up along his jaw.

Iyokus is an old Night Elf, and his face has the unusual elven quality of looking both aged and ageless, his skin rough and lined. Like all night elves, he looks feral and barely tamed, his canines perhaps longer than most, though his own features are refined by the noble cast of his Highborne heritage, giving him an odd, regal bearing.

Race and Class Edit

Iyokus is a Night Elf warrior

Guild Edit

Iyokus is once more alone in the world

Occupation Edit

Over his many years of life Iyokus has turned his hand to most things, he has been a soldier, bodyguard, assassin and more and worse, but currently has no employment beyond paying his way with bounties and rewards. His pack contains the tabards of most of the organisations of Azeroth and Outlands and he has no qualms with swapping between them at a moments notice. His loyalties lie elsewhere. Through the necessity of often traveling alone, he has become a proficient blacksmith, at first only able to patch up his armour and weapons, and now, after thousands of years of hammering and sweating, able to forge his own pieces and, through sacrifice, imbue them with a portion of his strength. His highest gifts lie with crafting weapons.

Family Edit

Illayne Shatterstar: Twin sister, Priestess of Elune

Velemketri Shatterstar: Father, Druid of the Talon [Deceased]

Marimahta Shatterstar: Mother, Once-Sentinal [Recently deceased]

Background Edit

A very old warrior, he can't remember his exact age. Suffice to say, he was born after the Sundering and wasn't always a killer. He might tell you more, but be prepared for tall tales.

Family Background Edit

You'll have to ask him, but he'll probably lie.

Criminal Record Edit

Iyokus has been on both sides of the bars, and has done much of both questionable legality and obvious illegality. It seems that those heroic deeds he has stumbled through are what stick in the memory for most, and he has managed to keep his nose clean recently.