Jannariel of Stormwind
Lady Knight
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Alliance
Health Resilient
Level 40
Status Active
Location Roving

Jannariel of Stormwind

How bright and straight the narrow path.


Janarriel's family has always been a part of what is now the Kingdom of Stormwind. Never rich, mighty, or of noble blood they nonetheless recite a proud history and lineage at family gatherings, and remain intensely close to one another, a tight knit clan that any Dwarf would respect for its internal commitment. Janarriel herself was raised in her father's forge. She grew up pumping the bellows, and after that swinging her father's hammer to make the myriad of shoes and nails the village required, or for the army of the King, in service to their family's commitment to the Kingdom.

There was no one event that set her on the quest to become a Paladin, no single inciting moment. Instead it was the essential culmination of a thought that had been growing in her ever since her first remembered services at the Church of the Light. Her beliefs grew into convictions as she grew in age, until she came to understand that if she truly believed in the principles of the Light, then there was no way she could allow evil to remain in the world.

The night she made this realization, she picked up her father's Maul, a leftover family relic of the Second and Third Wars, and ambushed a band of Defias bandits, killing two and sending the rest fleeing in a panic. Presenting the proof of her deeds to the Paladin who had come to retire in her hometown, she set forth on the course that she has dreamed of all along, a bright and shining, narrow way to the Light.


Janarriel is actively seeking out journeys to distant lands, in an effort to understand the nature of the Alliance, and the reasons that war is once more looming on the horizon. She can most frequently be seen these days in the company of a certain roguish swordsman known as Kristofer, standing back to back as they wade through those beasts foolish enough to bar their path.



"Above all I am loyal to myself, for I know my heart to be good, and it is the good I have ceaselessly sought."

"No matter how great a darkness, everyone can spot even the smallest light."

"I hate the water."


Has a deep-seated distaste for any body of water other than a bathtub.

Secretly collects Romance Novels.

Is a budding weaponsmith eager to provide arms to the good and the righteous, especially those just setting out onto the path of arms in the service of the Light. Her goods are marked with a calligraphic letter J, surrounded by a Sunburst emblem, a sigil she is quite proud of as a personal crest. The surest way to get onto her good side is to mention a friend who has a good opinion of the goods she has made.

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