Name Edit

Lieutenant Jarkal

Nickname: Smelly

Physical Traits Edit

Jarkal is a 5,4" high forsaken with grey skin. His flesh is rotten so he is always surrounded by a bad smell of death and decay. The body is filled with scars from various fights. Jarkals face haven't degenerated as much as the rest of his body but the jaw has got some serious blow on it and therefore got dislocated. His lower jaw is now hanging loose. Jarkal still have some hair on his head and he keeps it in a ponytail so that it wont be in the way when he is fighting.

Race and Class Edit

Forsaken warrior

Guild Edit

Swamprat Mercenaries

Occupation Edit

Blacksmith and mercenary.

Family Edit

Unknown, presumed dead.

Background Edit

Jarkal don't remember anything from the past. The memories he possess is all taken place after he got free from the power of the Lich King. He now serves Lady Sylvanas Windrunner with all his rotting heart and sees her as the salvation for his people.

Family Background Edit


Criminal Record Edit

Personal Notes Edit

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