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Jorran, preparing to fight Slithid outside Warsong Hold

Jorran Sunstriker
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Blood Elf (Sin'Doeri)
Faction Horde/Knights of the Ebon Blade
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Level {{{level}}}
Status Dead, sort-of
Location Varies


Jorran Sunstriker.

Physical TraitsEdit

Sin'Doeri Death Knight, with short, spikey black hair and a black goatee, has a dagger wound on left hand from summoning rituals during life and the telltale ice-blue eyes of a Death Knight, though he is often mistaken for a Quel'Dorei. often seen carrying his Demon-blade, Yaznip (Represented by [Warmonger] In game).

Race and ClassEdit

Sin'Dorei Death knight.


The Algarians.


In Life he was a Tailor, in death he turned those skills to making bandages. He's also made a living as a Bounty hunter.


Zantra Sunstriker (Brother) Nikkii Lightforge (Fiancé) Garrett Lightforge (half-son, deceaced).


Family BackgroundEdit

Criminal RecordEdit

Killed numerous Scarlet and Argent warriors, but omitted due to control by Scourge. Is still generaly hated though by Rayne for making her break a nail.

Personal NotesEdit

Jorran still uses Demons, but he can only summon Yaznip, his imp. Likes to think he's a good singer. He isn't.

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