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Junka Blackscar

"My hide is stained green by the treachery of demons, and my dreams are the tortured memories of a thousand dishonourable deeds. Don't think I fight because I believe the Horde is my redemption. I fight because this fresh blood I spill is enough to drown these simple facts a thousand times over."

Junka Blackscar

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Junka before the Siege of Shattrath.


Junka Blackscar, also known as Warleader Blackscar, is a mercenary captain oathsworn to the Sunfire Vanguard. He leads the Reavers - informally known as 'Blackscar's Reavers' - as they march alongside the Sin'dorei regiment in Outland.

His features are ravaged and ruined by decades of unrelenting war. Ugly scars pull at his lips and eyes, and his black hair is matted and slick with grease and dirt. He moves with joints stiffened by the onset of arthritis, burdened by the weight of his iron, Orcish-wrought armour.

He was born into the Bleeding Hollow clan prior to the the corruption of the Orcish race.

Companions and GearEdit

Darkgale copy

Junka and Darkgale pick their way through the crystalline boughs of the Unbound Thicket.


The riding worg Junka has reared from birth. She was the only surviving pup of the litter Hailmane, his previous mount, birthed. Hailmane died some days later, and Junka nurtured and eventually fastened her with a saddle and harness. He considers the beast as his equal, the two almost having a father-daughter relationship. She had fur the colour of ash, but after his apparent death her mane turned as black as pitch. He sees an omen in this, but can't determine what it is.

The two have a strong bond. Darkgale refuses to acknowledge any other master. This was demonstrated perfectly when, after Junka's supposed death, his son Nazthril inherited the beast. She became aggressive, baring her fangs at his approach and growling in warning whenever he climbed into the saddle.

She is the only creature - or person for that matter - that Junka displays open affection for, like a father would a daughter. He frequently scratches behind her ears and is always watching out for her wellbeing, a display of attachment the orc shows nowhere else.

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Junka and Rek'nihz making their way through ruined Zul'drak.


The stolen riding raptor of a Drakkari warrior, he tamed the volatile beast with vicious curses and savage beatings. The reptile's temperament remained unpredictable and volatile ever since, as if a remembering the injustice done to its former master. It must have previously had a diet of horseflesh, for it would frequently nip at the tails of passing horses and salivate by the bucketload in the presence of the skittish steeds of weary crusaders. The creature was taken because it was conveniant at the time, and it has since outlived its usefulness. He bludgeoned the beast to death and burned its body at the Warsong Hold.