Name Edit

Beast Master Kai'ta Longtusk

Physical Traits Edit

The tall (Roughly 7’5 when standing straight) troll in front of you is covered in dirt. His armour seems stitched up in most places and ripped in others, looking closer to his tusks you begin to notice cracks and chips, especially in his left tusk. One other redeeming feature of his face is the scar running down his right eye.

Upon further inspection you notice inked into his toned arms are multiple blackened tattoos, many have scratch marks across them but there is one on the inside of his right bicep that stands out, two black and red coiled snake.

His pet cat seems bigger than usual but only reaching his hips, its stomach seems bloated and it does not run around as much as a normal cat would. It seems very protective of itself and often hides to not be seen.

Race and Class Edit

Troll Hunter

Tribe Edit

The Longtusk Tribe

Family Edit

Background Edit

(( Written after 'the incident' ))

Kai’s history is very unclear – Even to him, He recently found himself face down in a pile of snow, a group of goblins dragged his motionless corpse to a camp that he only remembers being named ‘Everlook’ Where one Goblin tried to cut his tusk off and sell it, During the process Kai struggled free and escaped from the hut, managing to find his way back to Durotar after many long days and nights walking

Lately he only seems to remember his past by what he’s written in a journal of what he’s hunted, being quite intelligent for a Troll, the ability to read and write is helping him slowly recover and find out why he was knocked out

Family Background Edit

Not much is known about his family history, Other than Kai being the son of the last elder of The Longtusk Tribe.

Criminal Record Edit

He's completely law-abiding and would never do anything to put others In harm

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