From left to right: Starchild, Kalaena, Kalanah.

Kalaena Goldletter is one of Kall's secretaries, along with Kalanah and Starchild. Currently missing.

Name Edit

Miss Kalaena Goldletter.

Physical Traits Edit

Wears her black hair in low bunchies. Has oval-shaped glasses and soft blue eyes, with a sharper face.

Race and Class Edit


Guild Edit

Undermine Storage Co.

Occupation Edit

Has powers as a Mage, but works as a secretary for Kall. Also finds money as a private investigator. Most of her business for the latter comes from lazy police seargents.

Family Edit

Kalanah is her sister. Her parents are dead.

Background Edit

After Gnomeregan, sought out Kall for a job. Has worked for her ever since.

Family Background Edit

Her family has always been in servitude to that of the Darksprockets. She escaped from this during Gnomeregan and, knowing Kall had both survived and wasn't evil, sought her out.

Criminal Record Edit

None. Has been accused of breaching privacy treaties a few times, but cleared of all charges every time.

Personal Notes Edit

Kallo's bank alt #1 - armour and miscellaneous. Currently, er, deleted to make room for Kruga. Oops.

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