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Kalam is a human rogue and Pentrarch of the Athanatoi. He is an assassin who once worked for the Stormwind Army. Now a reward is on his head so he avoids Stormwind City the most he can. He is currently lost in Zul'Drak into the Northerend continent, but someone claims he is hiding in Dalaran's sewers.

Name Edit

Kalam Mekhar, also known as Swiftdagger. (Note the name is taken from an assassin of same name from "Malazan Book of the Fallen" by Steven Erikson) Former pentrarch of the Athanatoi, now pentrarch of the Immortalis

Physical Traits Edit

Tall and slender. Has long black hairs and green eyes. Usually covers the face with his mask, so he can't be reconized when unmasked.

Race and Class Edit

Human Rogue

Guild Edit


After the disbanding of the Athanatoi, Kalam decided to follow his Commander and friend Zelcandor joining the Immortalis

Occupation Edit

Kalam is an assassin. He will accept any work as long as he is well paid and the job doesn't go against his guild's interests. Lately his works were helping the alliance in the Northerend fighting the Lich King alongside the Athanatoi. In the last 2 years Kalam became an excellent alchemist.

Family Edit

As his pale dark skin shows, Kalam was born in Tanaris. Nothing is known about his family. He was risen with others orphans as a merchenary by a goblin in Gadgetzan. Nothing else in currently know about his past.

Background Edit

If you search the records of the Stormwind Army, you'll find Kalam's name in it. He was once member of a special elite squad. According to the records the squad betrayed the army deserting. From that time a reward were put on all the members of the squad. All the members of the squad are vanished right now, they are presumed dead. Kalam Mekhar is the only survivor and is still wanted by Stormwind. Infact if you see him (unmasked) in the city you can try to capture him.

Criminal Record Edit

Wanted, dead of alive, for deserting the Stormwind Army. The bounty is 10,000 gold.


Poster of 2 years ago

Quotes Edit

"I hate Magic!" -Kalam-

"You are always late rogue" -Dhinarea-

External links Edit


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