From left to right: Starchild, Kalaena, Kalanah.

Kalanah Goldletter is one of Kall's secretaries, along with Kalaena and Starchild.

Name Edit

Miss Kalanah Goldletter.

Physical Traits Edit

Has very short black hair and an open face, with dark blue eyes.

Race and Class Edit

Gnome Rogue.

Guild Edit

Undermine Storage Co.

Occupation Edit

Has a couple of days' worth of rogue training, but works as a secretary for Kall. Sometimes helps her sister gather information on other people. Also babysits for Kall sometimes - there are a lot of children in that house, comparitively to humans, and Kalanah doesn't mind looking after them now and again.

Family Edit

Kalaena is her sister. Her parents are dead.

Background Edit

Ran away from home at the age of 20 (human equivalent 10). Went to Ironforge and spent a year there before moving to Stormwind. Being a bit older than most of the orphans there, she helped the matrons occasionally for a good few years by playing games with the children - until they found out that she was a lesbian, and refused to let her help any more. She lived in the streets in Old Town for a while, nearly starving to death on a few occasions, until - when she was about thirty, and Gnomeregan had happened - her sister Kalaena sought her out and brought her back to Ironforge, offering her employment under Kall. Having nothing to lose, Kalanah accepted.

Family Background Edit

Her family has always been in servitude to that of the Darksprockets. She ran away at an early age to Stormwind. Her family never persued her.

Criminal Record Edit

A long record of petty theft and planning larger-scale robberies.

Personal Notes Edit

Kallo's bank alt #2 - letters, scrolls, and recipes.

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