Kalimdor is a continent of Azeroth. It located to the west of the Eastern Kingdoms and southwest of Northrend. Kalimdor is the home of the Tauren, Trolls, Orcs, Night Elves and Draenei.

Kalimdor can be divided into three major regions: North Kalimdor, Central Kalimdor, and South Kalimdor.

Kalimdor was primarily the domain of the Night Elves. Since the War of the Ancients, they have given away part of their dominion to the Tauren, and their allies (the Trolls and Orcs). The Draenei have just arrived to the continent.

The name Kalimdor means "Land of Eternal Starlight" in Titan and Darnassian.


Kalimdor has a huge variety of both animal and plant life. Within this continent, you will find almost every land type: from the ice cold plains of Winterspring in the north to the hot desert of Tanaris in the south. The mystical woods of Ashenvale; the dry, rocky Thousand Needles; the tropical, lush jungle of Feralas: this continent has it all. To the north, the landscape is primarily coated in thick alpine woodland - typical in areas such as Ashenvale. Central Kalimdor, home to the Horde, is far more rugged and barren save for the safety of Mulgore. In the south, desert areas dominate the terrain; however, nestled between these bleak landscapes are realms of beauty and wonder such as the thriving tropical regions of Feralas and Un'Goro Crater.


The AllianceEdit

The HordeEdit

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