Kall 8-5-10 profile
Kall as seen in-character, as of May '10
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Gnome
Faction Alliance
Health Physically unfit
Level 75
Status Unknown
Location Unknown
Kall Sprangler-Darksprocket, as of last being seen, was a gnome warlock - more specifically, a Demonologist. She was unguilded, having previously been a member of Immortalis and a veteran of Athanatoi. She was the official Archivist of Immortalis before she abandoned her post with not so much as a note.

Recently, she has all but vanished, taking but a few books and changes of clothes with her. Her last known buzzbox callsign has also been officially deactivated.

She has a husband, Lowdan, and triplets - Farren, Lowen, and Farlynna. Whilst they still receive regular monetary income from her, they know nothing of her current whereabouts or wellbeing.

She is noted by many for having taken part in the Captured Exarch storyline in 2007, and for last being in charge of organising Fish 'n' Bakes before she declared them over.

Name Edit

Mrs Kall Sprangler-Darksprocket (née Darksprocket) the Tenacious.

Formerly also Archivist of the Immortalis and Pentrarch of Athanatoi.

She organises the Fish 'n' Bakes, so is well-known for this too - as a result, something related to it is often given as another titular addition to her name.

Recently, only refers to herself as Ms Kall Darksprocket.

Physical Traits Edit


Kall as seen in-game as of December 2008.

Has very dark blue (generally described as black) hair, usually tied up in bunchies - but occasionally into one long ponytail. It's curly when let loose, and curls at the ends when tied up. She doesn't take great care of it. She wears quite thick, slightly scratched glasses over dull blue eyes.

She is average height for a female gnome. Her whole body is covered in scars. Alhough there are fewer scars on her face than the rest of her body, the ones that are there are more noticeable - as other features on her face are unremarkable by comparison, and she tends to cover the rest of herself well.

Overweight, although her body type is not unusual amongst her kind. A bare body would reveal large sections of her abdomen and torso have angry red wounds on them, held shut by rude thick black stitching. It is as though some manner of ad-hoc surgery has been performed there.

Usually speaks with a stammer, which ranges from barely noticeable to incredibly hindering to her speech, depending on what situation she finds herself in.

Wears a purple ring on a chain around her neck.

Race and Class Edit

Gnome. As she was last known, she was a Warlock - more specifically, a Demonologist.

Guild Edit


Formerly of Immortalis. Before that, she was a veteran of Athanatoi - the guild of which Immortalis is a re-incarnation.

Flirted a couple of times with the idea of joining the Night Watch. (OOCly, this is her guild.)

Occupation Edit

Correct as of the last sighting of Kall, in May 2010.

Adventurer, cartographer, book keeper. The majority of her income comes from cartography; the majority of her time is consumed by book-keeping; the majority of her effort is consumed by adventuring. Whilst travelling, she can also mine mineral nodes she comes across and use the materials either in her engineering or as a source of extra income.

As an adventurer, she performs as a Warlock - although she is not exceptionally powerful by warlock standards, she makes a good Demonologist. This, coupled with her alignment (see "Personal Notes and Related Links - Alignment"), presents an interesting catch 22 of sorts: the majority of not-evil people want her dead because she practices demon magic, and the majority of other practitoners of demon magic want her dead because she is not evil.

In her spare time, she engineers - and occasionally dabbles in drawing from life (as opposed to drawing maps), although she's not very good at it at all.

Family Edit


Left to right: Farlynna, Farren, Lowdan, Kall, Farshala, Lowen. This picture is as it would be if the children were older.

(Note: All years are in Earth terms. What year it is currently in Azeroth is under dispute.)

Kall has quite an extensive family, although she has not contacted them directly since May 2010. She continued to send money to them until September 2010. Now, they support themselves through civilian jobs.

Husband Edit

Lowdan Sprangler-Darksprocket (né Sprangler).

Children Edit

Siblings Edit

Listed from oldest to youngest:

Parents and Aunts/Uncles Edit

Indirect relativesEdit

Employees, Minions and Notable Friends Edit

Employees Edit


From left to right: Starchild, Kalaena, Kalanah.

Kall employs a very small company of secretaries. In their spare time, these three also work as private investigators - not that they have much free time.

These employees include:

Minions Edit

As a demonologist, Kall has a number of demons. Her most common ones include:

Notable friends Edit

Kall has a few friends, and a lot more acquaintences. To try to list them all would be a pointless endeavour which would only result in alienation of some people. However:

  • Zizzleclank Thermoblix was probably Kall's closest friend up to the point where Kall, for unknown reasons, estranged herself from her.
  • Martin Northwall has been a pillar of support for Kall at various times.
  • Qialynna Chionaetes was the exarch who was captured in the Captured Exarch storyline, and for whose rescue Kall risked so much for - eventually succeeding in winning her back from The Essence, if only just. Qialynna (a long time ago now, before she was kidnapped) also originally hatched a plan for saving Kall's soul from corruption, which didn't entirely fail. It didn't entirely succeed, either, but it didn't entirely fail.
  • Pixel Glimmerstone has saved Kall from corruption a few times. Kall has a commission set up with Pixel against herself - if Kall ever becomes too far gone for redemption, Pixel must kill her. However, Pixel has shown that she will always check whether Kall is actually too far gone or not - and the answer has always been that she hasn't.

This list is far from exhaustive. Please don't be offended if your character is not here.

Background Edit

Born June 16th, 1966.

2007 Edit


Kall and Lowdan at Orgrimmar.

Began adventuring in February 2007 as a warlock, having had no choice as to her class due to binding rituals performed when she was little. She met Qialynna Chionaetes in March, and was invited to the Auberdine Fish 'n' Bake as a result, where she met Lowdan, who quickly became her boyfriend out of her sheer sympathy for him - later, her fiancé, after they had earned each others' trust. Many things happened, including moving into a house in Middle Tanaris, and joining the Athanatoi. She was involved in the Captured Exarch events, culminating in the skirmish for entry to Orgrimmar (which the Alliance lost quite badly) - Lowdan died. She spent most of the next month trying to bring him back to life, eventually succeeding through questionable magical methods. She married him only minutes afterwards, considering a paladin able to oversee the vows (Revane, of Horizon) was already present. She stopped adventuring due to pregnancy in September, and gave birth in December to triplets.

2008 Edit

Had the methods of resurrection used on her husband reviewed by drakes of the Red and Bronze Dragonflights once said dragonflights were made aware of them. Was, as a result, disliked by Red Dragons and on a permanently neutral reputation with the highly patient Bronze Dragons. Was given copious amounts of paperwork to complete for the Bronzes, as assigned by the drake Dozramdu; unbeknownst to Kall herself, this paperwork served no other purpose than to keep Kall busy and out-of-the-way, in order to prevent her tangling the lines of Fate unnecessarily once again. During this time, she also took over organising the famous Fish 'n' Bakes. Left Athanatoi due to being on less-than-friendly terms with most members. Met Zizzleclank Thermoblix during 2008 as well, and began living with her in order to share house-keeping responsibilities. After being told vital information about her family history by Matriarch Astra of the Athanatoi, rejoined the guild out of debt.

Kall also met Ursala of Euthanatoi during this year. Whilst this was not a major event in itself, she was aware that her fate was somehow bound to that of the orc's, though how was not clear at the time. (In fact, the whole affair was wrapped up in a larger prophecy, to which Kall was a secondary clause and Ursala was a tertiary clause. Its effects on Kall ended just before Athanatoi rebanded in mid-2009.)

2009 - January to JuneEdit

Kall, going by what Astra had told her about her family, decided to persue knowledge of what caused her family's corruption. Eventually, she found evidence that a particular piece of Titan machinery, allegedly in the Storm Peaks, may have been related. Presumably in order to look for it, Kall ran away from home unexpectedly - returning with it in hand, but feeling somewhat different. Kall became a lot quieter after whatever happened to her out there happened, but far less easily shaken. Nobody except Zizzleclank and possibly Lowdan ever found out what actually happened to her. However, she did not recover the machinery before the disbanding of Athanatoi - and was left at a loss as to what to do with it. When Immortalis was formed from the remnants of Athanatoi and Kall was granted full administrator access to the Archives of the Immortalis, she moved the machinery there for safekeeping.

2009 - July to DecemberEdit

Kall's personality had gradually been taking on further dark aspects, mirroring the tell-tale signs of a moral soul being assailed by corruption - snappiness, hostility, antisocial behavior, chaotic and secretive behavior patterns, undue bad moods, and a need to be alone to (as it were) deal with one's demons. However, Wildflower was soon rescued - a remnant of the events of The Captured Exarch was that her soul had been trapped inside Zul'aman. Two things happened as a result of this rescue. The first was that Kall obtained a scroll, of which she has kept the contents secret. The second was that she cheered up - and nobody (including herself) has worked out why that is yet: she just had less trouble keeping her thoughts clear and moral. Later in the year, she began spending the majority of her time in the Immortalis Archives, cataloguing and researching subjects unknown to others; then returning straight home in the evenings (via hearthstone, and therefore without travelling through any of the rest of Azeroth).


By the beginning of 2010, Kall had almost entirely widthdrawn from society as a whole. What time was not spent at her workplace in the Archives was spent at home, although she had grown emotionally distant from her family as well, spending most of her time in her office.

Once, in January, she answered to Big Chingo instead of Zelcandor Stormdrake - to help the Night Watch, instead of Immortalis. This, save for Fish 'n' Bakes (during the last of which she actually considered joining the Night Watch), was the last time she was seen outside the Archives. She took to locking herself in there for weeks on end. It was entirely unclear as to what she was researching, although it was plain for all to see that she was researching something.

Around May, Kall disappeared from within the Archives as well. Her Immortalis ranks and tabards were found left within the library. It is clear that she abandoned her post, although without the courtesy of so much as even a note. She took all of her research notes with her.

What will become of this is unclear indeed.

Family Background Edit

Before Gnomeregan Edit

Part of a long family line of warlocks who idolised Quel'dorei (High Elven) society - as a result, all of Kall's siblings are named in pidgin Thalassian. Kall's name refers to "star" as in "Kal'dorei" - the reference being that she is of supposedly weak will. Her parents and siblings were not very nice at all to her when she was young; in escaping from Gnomeregan when the disaster hit, they even killed other gnomes (including Lowdan's family) in order to escape alive. They lost Kall's mother and one of her siblings, and another sibling was infected with the leper disease - he later died from it.

After Gnomeregan (The Burning Crusade) Edit


What happened whenever Kall tried to negotiate with Tenebrais.

The surviving members of the family - except Kall, who had fled and become an adventurer - met up with their commander, the evil warlock Tenebrais (who was, for all intents and purposes, a Forsaken), and moved into the Undercity in secret. From there, a new child was born - a girl - and, as soon as Kall caught wind of this, she commissioned its kidnap. The child, Farshala - named so by Lowdan - has lived with Kall's new branch of the family ever since.

After that, bad luck seemed to befall the family, manifested in the fact that they all died, one by one (including Kall's stepmother); from various causes, from deadly internal feuds to a bad fever. This continued, until only Kall, Anarayla, and the now one-year-old Farshala were alive.

Wrath of the Lich King Edit

Kall, after discovering that Tenebrais had masterminded her torment as a child, went after him and destroyed him. After being found by the Forsaken and raised again, he turned over a new leaf and offered Kall any help she might need in the upcoming events. Not long after, Matriarch Astra offered her vital information about why her family were they way they were. She is now in possession of some information on the subject, although she's yet to share it with anybody. Soon after, the Matriarch disappeared altogether - leaving Kall at a loss. Those close to her speculate that this knowledge had a part in her eventual disappearance.

Criminal Record Edit

Civilian charges Edit

Charged in April 2007 with petty theft, cleared of all charges after being proven not guilty in a Civilian Court of Ironforge.

Military charges Edit

Convicted in mid-October 2007 of recklessly disobeying explicit orders from a commanding officer during a skirmish, after pleading guilty as charged in an internal military court. Sentenced to being forbidden for three months from commanding or leading military endeavours. Completed sentence in mid-January 2008 without any problems.

Personal Notes and Related Links Edit

The best place to roleplay with this character is via her blog.

Kall casting

Drawn by P-3a.

User P-3a , also known as Kallo, plays Kall, Selhma and Ursala.

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Kall has featured in the following stories written by P-3a.


Pre-Dec 2008: True Good

March 2009: True Neutral

April 2009: True Good

July 2009: True Good

January 2010: Chaotic Neutral

March 2010: True Neutral

Kall's alignment will be re-assessed at the player's discretion.

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The following tropes could be applied to Kall, mid-2010 and earlier: