Kallo, user-name P-3a, is the player of Kall, Selhma and Ursala. She has a number of creative (or otherwise) endeavours related to the server (even if loosely) that she would like to share, and, as YEA! and GO GO SHA'TAR have their pages, she's going to have one as well, thank-you very much. (Clarification: those pages existed as red links before I made them into stubs.)

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Kall Boss EmotesEdit

This was from this thread on the realm forums asking people to list their voice emotes if they were a boss for the opposite faction.

[Pulled/Random Aggro]: You know I don't want to do this!

[Knockback Hellfire]: G-Go away!!

[Seed of Corruption]: This is your last warning - having blind faith in your allies can get you hurt!

[Transform into demon]: Do you know how much I HATE having to do this?

[She stuns the whole raid whilst she summons a demon, then allows them to resume once it is summoned]

[Summon Imp]: I'm sorry, 25 versus 1 is a little unfair...

[Summon Voidwalker]: Back off!

[Summon Succubus]: Time for a time-out...

[Summon Felhunter]: Latent magical fluxes give me a headache, cut it out!

[Summon Felguard]: Okay, now things are getting bad... for y-you...

[Killing a player]: And don't try again!

[Wipe]: You brought it upon y-yourselves... <Kall hides her face with a hand.>

[Low hit points]: Giving up... is worse than failing!

[Last words]: The Athanatoi... will avenge... m... e...

Kall's Outfits Edit

Kall has a number of outfits that she wears for roleplaying purposes. Whilst these pictures are outdated, they still hold some value for demonstrative purposes. Links to items on various database websites will follow Soon(tm).

Netherweave Edit


Kall's Netherweave outfit.

This outfit is comprised of the following items:

  • Netherweave Robe (tailored)
  • Thuzadin Mantle (drop from Strat. Model double drops from Scholo)
  • Netherweave Boots (tailored)
  • Netherweave Belt (tailored)
  • Netherweave Gloves (tailored)
  • Pilfered Ethereal Blade (quest reward from Netherstorm)
  • Torch of Holy Flame (quest reward from Duskwood)

The Thuzadin Mantle has a model identical to another set of shoulderpads, which drop from Scholomance.

The highest level required for this outfit is Early 60's.

Engineering Edit


Kall's Engineering outfit.

This outfit is comprised of the following items:

  • Blue Overalls (tailored)
  • Master Engineer's Goggles (engineered, requires skill 280)
  • Red Linen Shirt (tailored)
  • Parachute Cloak (engineered, requires skill 225)
  • Gnomish Rocket Boots (engineered, requires skill 225 and Gnomish engineering)

Most of this outfit doesn't have level requirements, but does have tradeskill requirements of a maximum of 280 Engineering.

Festivities Edit


Kall's Lunar Festival dresses.

These two outfits are very similar, comprised of

  • Festival Dress (tailored)


  • Purple Festive Dress (from the Lunar Festival)

alongside Netherweave Boots. Recruit's Boots (starter-level warriors get them - there is also a vendor who sells them in Old Hillsbrad) can be used as a substitute.


She isn't a warlock.

Not warlocky outfit Edit

This outfit is comprised of the following items:

  • White Woolen Dress (tailored)
  • Netherweave Boots (or Recruit's Boots)

The highest level required to wear this outfit is Early 60's.

Warlocky outfit Edit


Oh yes she is.

This outfit is comprised of the following items:

  • Felheart Horns (Warlock T1)
  • Felheart Belt (Warlock T1)
  • Felheart Slippers (Warlock T1)
  • Feline Mantle (drops in Shadowfang Keep)
  • Robes of Arugal (drops in Shadowfang Keep)

Since this picture was taken, I have obtained the Felheart Robes and three pieces of Warlock T2 (Nemesis Rainment). I will get the rest of the Felheart set if it kills me. Or if it kills somebody else because they beat my roll of 97 with a 98, which is more likely given how the Random Number Generator hates me. (Except Nefarion. Nefarion's RNG was cool. :D )

The highest level required to wear this outfit is 60.

Shadoweave Edit


Oh, fine, go on then. Maybe she is.

This outfit is comprised of the following items:

  • Shadoweave Shoulders (tailored)
  • Lavender Mageweave Shirt (tailored)
  • Shadoweave Robe (tailored)
  • Shadoweave Gloves (tailored)
  • Spidersilk Boots (tailored)

The highest level required to wear this outfit is 42.

Family TreesEdit

Sprangler Household Edit

This is for clarification purposes.


Links Edit

Links related to Kallo and/or her characters.

User P-3a, also known as Kallo, plays Kall, Selhma and Ursala. She is also in possession of the account keys for Lowdan, and plays him as well, albiet occasionally. (Wait wutehfuh, third person)

More links can be found on my userpage.

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Internal Edit

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