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Kalsa Moiand. Though it's debatable whether or not Kalsa was her name when she was living.

Physical Traits Edit

Kalsa was 18 when she became Undead and so she looks quite young. She has long, lank yet tousled black hair which comes down past her shoulders. She has a softly pointed chin and nose but her eyes are large. She has thin, unexpressive eyebrows but her mouth is the opposite, being incrediably expressive and sculptedly prettyly. Her skin though is obviously that of an undead as it is a light blueish qualitly to it; it remains mostly unrotted and whole. The only place where the skin is broken is her feet and joints which she has banaged to stop the skin wearing down too much.

Scar-wise she has a few small ones mostly on her arms and legs from adventuring, which are neatly stitched shut, though she has a huge mass of scars on her back and a few large ones on her chest and stomach which are healed and so were from when she was living. She also has a very small scar on the back of her neck where Noite inserted a Seed of Corruption which again is stitched shut though not as neatly as the ones on her arms or legs.

Kalsa can usually be seen carrying a two-handed sword or an axe and sword and wearing full plate or scale armour. She does have a shield but she mostly keeps it slung over her back. Sometimes but rarely, she can be seen wearing exquisit robes which she takes great pride in as most of them she has made herself. She also can always be seen to be wearing a pair of glasses on a peice of string round her neck.

Personal Traits Edit

When in a group, Kalsa will never take a lead role as she knows she is inexperienced and ill-equipt to do so. Kalsa usually works alone and will only join a group when she knows that it would be impossible for her to do the task unaided. Kalsa does work well in a group mostly because she takes orders willingly and usually without complaint. She will usually try to protect the group as best she can while a stronger member of the group kills the target.

Kalsa has a strong sense of morality though she is easily persuaded to do things that might not seem so. She is quiet and will usually only speak when spoken to.

Edit 3/11/09: (I think she has changed a bit from when I wrote this so..)

Kalsa usually works on her own but if she does work in a group she normally feels she is better equiped to lead the party than the rest of the group, not due to snootyness but actual knowledge of tatics. After finally learning how to read she has has not stopped delving into books; she took a particular interest in records of battles and combat. This is where her tactical knowledge has come from though she has a little experience herself. However, she finds it difficult to express her feelings or knowledge about things and so rarely finds herself in a position of leadership.

Kalsa has a strong sense of morality though she blocks this when she is fighting. When she is fighting, her face is a set picture of concentration, completely focused on her opponant/s. She is still quiet though will try to speak up when she feels she needs to be heard. Unfortunatly she is incredibaly sensitive and more than one person has felt the backlash of her anger or annoyance. She is also not quick to forgive.

Race and Class Edit

Kalsa is an Undead Human, now part of the Forsaken. After becoming Undead she became a Warrior.

Occupation Edit

Before her death Kalsa helped spin the wool that her family made from their sheep so when she found that she had her free will again and did not have to give the cloth she found back to her superiors, she took up Tailoring and later Leatherwork when she found out that Winoa Thunderstar could supply her with Leather. However recently she has given up Leatherworking and taken up Mining since she thought that it might provide her with a better income. Other than that she is a mencenary for hire.

Family Background Edit

  • Father: Kalsa's father was a dabbler in Fel magic (he only summon a demon once to what some might say were unfortunate consequences(No one ever found out however)). and used Kalsa as a guinea pig to test the power of his spells. When Kalsa was infected by the plague she killed him. Whether this was intentional or not is debatable.
  • Mother: Kalsa's mother was kind but weak and she had no money of her own meaning that she was unable to leave her husband (Kalsa's father) and take her children with her. She died after giving birth to her youngest child.


  • Noite (Aged 24 *)
  • Kalsa (Aged 18* )
  • Taresh (Aged 16 *): Kalsa's younger sister who became part of the Forsaken a long time after Kalsa. She met her once in Undercity but has not seen her since then.
  • Second youngest (Aged 10 *): Status Unknown
  • Youngest (One day old *): Status Unknown (Though she was only a new born baby when Kalsa became infected with the plague.)

Kalsa's family were sheep farmers near Lordaeron in the year 6**, selling the meat and wool for money. However, Kalsa's father fequented the local pub almost nightly and so the Moiands only ever had just enough to keep them living. When her father was drunk he would usually take Kalsa and experiment on her with his lastest spell. Kalsa most times would end up with a new scar or burn to add to her collection.

*when Kalsa became part of the Scourge

**Sourced from here World of Warcraft Timeline (This would mean that Kalsa was under the control of the Lich King for 19 years Edit: Wrong! 20 years)

(After many calculations Kalsa would have been born in the year -12...not sure if that's what they called it but hey!

Edit:Annnnnd my calculations were still wrong; she would have been born in -8 and died in +10 and this IS right!)

Background Edit

Kalsa doesn't remember exactly what happen before she became part of the Scourge except for the above. After becoming Forsaken and given the choice of becoming a Preist, Rogue, Warrior, Mage or Warlock she refused to have anything to do with magic so she tried her hand at being a Rogue. This was unsuccessful however because she was so clumsy so she became a Warrior and started training. At first she lost nearly every fight but she learnt quicky and has become skilled with two-handed swords.

While running an errand in Undercity she got called over by two fellow Forsaken. These were Dnaizohd and Crusible who (I think) were the founders of The Lore Writers; a guild devoted to the collection and preservation of manuscripts. They needed people to help them collect these manuscripts and so they offered a place to Kalsa who took the chance happly. While in the guild she formed a friendship with Dnaizohd and he was the first she told about her past. He was also the first to discover that she couldn't read or write and so, by Kalsa's request, began teaching her. She also met Winoa Thunderstar whom she formed an uneasy friendship with. Later, when the guild disbanded, Thunderstar invited her to come with her and join Illuminae Nocti; a guild run by Maur Autumnhoof. However, things did not work out and Kalsa soon left the guild.

A while after her time in Illuminae Nocti Kalsa recieved a letter but of course could not properly read it. She took it to Dnaizohd who read it out for her. It was from her sister Noite and it went something along the lines of 'you have not eascaped me and I will get you'. (For more information on why Noite wrote this please visit her page.) After learning that her sister had become Forsaken Kalsa went into hiding. However, she wasn't very good at it and was soon found by Noite, who planted a Seed of Corrution in her neck and left her to a slow painful death. Or so she thought; she had not planted the seed deep enough in her neck for it to do any long lasting damage and some how Thunderstar managed to find Kalsa and take her back to Thunderbluff where she contacted Dnaizohd. He came and extracted the seed from Kalsa's neck and then dicussed with her what she wanted to do about Noite. In the end it was dicided that Noite would not stop until she was dead,...properly dead. However, while Kalsa was recovering in Thunderbluff she recieved another letter from Noite saying that she had Dnaizohd glasses. Kalsa took this to mean that she had killed him and so after recovering she tracked Noite down and decapitated her. She buried the head and body in different locations. She now carries Dnaizohd's glasses on a piece of string round her neck.

Criminal Record Edit

None though the Deathstalkers nbsp;are keeping tabs on her because she murdered a fellow Forsaken, Noite. She knows they are and she hates it.

Guild Edit

Around January (2010), the Deathstalkers decided Kalsa was 'unrestrained' and ordered her back to Azeroth (from Outland where she was working with the orcs)to be put under the Command of Hodges. This means she is inadvertedly part of Dagger and Totem but to what degree she, and I, are not sure.

Personal Notes Edit

OOC: If you ever rp with me I am sorry if I respond slowly. It's 'cause I'm really slow at typing. Kalsa is Protection Spec. IC: Kalsa has never found out exactly how Thunderstar found her after she was left unconsious by Noite.


Stolen from Ursala'spage.

Lawful Good- A lawful good character acts as a good person is expected or required to act. He combines a commitment to oppose evil with the discipline to fight relentlessly. He tells the truth, keeps his word, helps those in need, and speaks out against injustice. A lawful good character hates to see the guilty go unpunished. Lawful good is the best alignment you can be because it combines honor and compassion. However, lawful good can be a dangerous alignment because it restricts freedom and criminalizes self-interest.

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Law & Chaos: Law ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (15) Neutral - XXXXXXXX (8) Chaos --- XXXXX (5)

Good & Evil: Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXX (13) Neutral - XXXXXXXXX (9) Evil ---- XXX (3)

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