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Kayandre's personality is multiple in its extremes. In many ways she is a narcissist. She believes that she is the pure form in spirituality and wisdom and is constantly trying to bring everyone else in line with her view of justice, which is unshakable. There is a coldness in her words and voice that are omnipresent, even when she is speaking with close friends and companions. She sees herself as the greatest of patriots among the Kaldorei. Believing everything she does is the indisputable will of her Goddess.

However, following the attack on the Barrow Prisons, Kayandre's religious views have began to fluctuate. Her faith in Elune is not as secure as she tries to convince herself. Instead she looks towards the other Gods in the Kaldorei pantheon, which she relates to the Titans. Holding a particularly strong dedication to Aggramar for his legendary skills in battle and sense of justice.

She is not without some compassion. She is unwilling to allow suffering of any race that has proven itself "innocent", Sporlings, Wolvar and Furblogs are included in this list. And so, she fights for their liberation from their turmoils.At her core she believes without a shadow of doubt that what she is doing is for the greater good, even if it may appear somewhat drastic. To take action against a person she forces herself to be absolutely sure that it is the best possible course to follow. Her opinions on the horde are that they need to be saved from themselves, "put down and out of their misery".

Physical ApperanceEdit

Kayandre stands tall among her own people and dwarves a medium sized human easily. Her hair usually changes depending on her environment, she does this by choice to further blend in. At the moment her hair is a midnight blue tied behind her in a short pony tail. Her eyes are a dusty shade of silver, glowing slightly poorer than most others. She is usually found in strong armor with a weapon close by just in case, however on social events she has shed her armor and worn a dress or kilt. Clothing to Kayandre is not a necessity, if she is warm she would not be so shy as not to strip down. She has several large scars on her body that are displayed when she wears less, the most visible is the diagonal slash on her stomach that she acquired from one of Tyrande's Sentinels. Most of her face is tattooed and the faint lines of aging hint at how far along her life cycle she is.


Kayandre was born into a poor family in Tethris Aran at the foot of the Stonetalon Mountains. Her father worked as a tanner and it was from his example that Kayandre learned the basics of leather working. She was the youngest of three and had two older brothers, Benvolion and Romeron. Her two brothers were her senior by many years and by the time Kayandre was in her teenaged years they had left to go their own ways in life. Occasionally she would receive gifts from Benvolion from his conquests with the knights of Blackrook Hold, the only remaining one is a bloodstained wooden necklace of Tauren design. Romeron however made no contact with her.

ScreenShot 032610 110619
In time Kayandre left the comforts of her tiny village and headed northwards to the dazzling city of Hajiri, where she started a career as a priestess of Elune. Her powers in healing the ailing and preforming blessings were below average but her determination to do well for her people was unmatched. She was a frequent visitor of the Gladiator pits of Hajiri, where she would give blessings of the Goddess to those about to fight. It was here she met and fell in love with Tatharian Stormdancer, the son of a minor noble. The pair were romantically interested in each other but his father insisted that only a woman capable of defeating his son in battle would be worthy of taking him as her mate. From here on Kayandre trained night and day in swordplay and challenged Tatharian for his hand. The battle was short and Kayandre was triumphant.

Kayandre continued her life as a priestess and Tatharian went on to join the military, he would often write back to her describing the creatures he had seen and promised that he would take her there one day. One day a joint letter came for Kayandre, signed both Tatharian and her brother Benvolion who had met while traveling. The pair returned within a month and the siblings were delighted to see one an other. When asked if there was any news of Romeron, her brother replied that the last he heard he was living in the capital city of Zin'Azshari.

When Tatharian's father died the pair inherited his land and wealth, Kayandre left the temple and Tatharian ended his career also. The pair became socialites within the cities of the Highborne, barely fitting in except for the weight of their gold. It was one unfortunate day that Kayandre invoked the wrath of an angry wizard by spilling a glass of moonglow over his robes. When insults started flying Kayandre challenged him to a duel. The pair fought long and hard but when a cheering man yelled out the name of the wizard Kayandre realized she had been fighting with her brother Romeron. Disgusted by his excuses for not keeping contact Kayandre left the city and swore never to return.

The pair bought a home in Hajiri and had a daughter together, Niralia. And all was well with the world.

Until, news of Demons pouring through portals in the capital was revealed and that the apocalypse was nigh. Kayandre and Tatharian agreed to take up their weapons once more and fight the Legion. Handing Niralia over to a trusted friend who was fleeing to the south, the pair set off with the rest of the warriors to the battlefield. Tatharian was killed a few weeks later at the hands of an Eredar warlock.

When the dust had settled and the war had been declared finished Kayandre was left with very little in the world. One brother was dead, the other missing and her husband and daughter were both dead or presumed dead. The offer of a job as a jailor was given to her by the short lived High Priestess Maiev Shadowsong. Kayandre accepted the role and after millennia was granted the title Warden.
ScreenShot 032610 000448

Life in the Barrow Prisons was hard and keeping captured Highborne and demons locked away was a thankless task. Nonetheless Kayandre spent each day knowing she was doing the right thing. When Tyrande and sentinels marched on the Prisons Kayandre was severely wounded. Following the assault she returned to the surface and cared for her nieces who's father (Benvolion) was killed during the battle for Mount Hyjal. Since then Kayandre has aided the Alliance in every way she can, gaining a reputation as a cynical and anti-horde character.


Kayandre prefers to launch at her enemies from the shadows, slaying them before she is noticed. In battle she has been known to exert herself and attack multiple opponents at once. If the ball is in her foe's side of the park she will often blind her target and retreat. She is a well known dualist. When fighting in this type of arena she will treat her opponent with respect, and will often flourish and display her elaborate fighting style.


Simply put, Kayandre is a Warden. Night elf wardens are elite members of the Watchers, the jailors and marshalls of night elf society. Her main objective is to clear Kalimdor of all it's "Imperfections" this includes the Orcs, Tauren and even the Humans settled Theramore.

The wardens are the most feared arm of the night elves' wrath. These mystical assassins mete out justice, capture fugitives and carry out covert executions. Trained in martial arts, wardens command a fearsome and formidable range of abilities. Using a combination of cunning, stealth and tactical planning, a warden can shake even a large fighting force to its core.


Tatharian Stormdancer - Mate (deceased)

Niralia Shadowfen- Daughter (Presumed deceased)

Irellia Shadowfen- Mother (deceased)

Herne Shadowfen- Father (deceased)

Romeron Shadowfen- Brother (deceased)

Benvolion Shadowfen- Brother (deceased)

Niamh and Nuada Shadowfen- Niece (Both alive))


"Mortal creatures are flawed by design, but Justice is infallible, and I am justice."

"In my line of work I can never give my assurance I will not be in a position to kill you, if I am it will be painless."

"I have written a short list, a few thousand names, of people I believe should be executed. Care to have a look?"

"I was always of the opinion you -pardon- we mortals were prone to war."

"Humanity had its foot on the throat of the Orcs and failed to press down hard... How very ashamed you must feel."


Kayandre is Left Handed.

Kayandre has claimed to be able to say the Darnassian Alphabet backwards in under fifteen seconds.

Kayandre was actually a very capable Arcanist in the prime of the Highborne

Kayndre is unable to roll her tongue.

Kayandre collects the skulls of her enemies.

Kayandre owns two homes: Her Darnassus base is in the Rogue barrow den, Her Mountain Retreat is in Winterspring.

Kayandre is in possession of a large number of books from the Highborne era.

She has a fondness for Moonglow.

She has only been to Stormwind twice, but frequently visits Ironforge and the Exodar.

Kayandre has a Human squire called Charles, they have a mutual dislike of one another.

Tyrande and Malfurion both appear on Kayandre's list of "targets"

Lucy Lawless would play Kayandre in a WoW film.

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