Kayra Starblade, was the sister of Myrion Starblade. She was a dedicated priestess of Elune, and spent her time in the temple, at the city of Zoram. She would find it hard to spend so much time far from her family, and would often be seen to weep, when she thought no one was watching. She gained comfort by meditating, and praying to Elune. She had the same forest-green hair of her father, and silver, almond shaped eyes. She was slim, and fairly tall for a female night elf. She had been trained in basic swordplay by her father, and this is perhaps why she was able to last so long when helping other survivors flee. She met her end before ever being reunited with her brother, defending a small group of women and children. It is a common belief by many priestesses that Shandris Feathermoon was one of the children saved by her hand. This is widely speculated to be an exaggeration by the masses, probably lost in the translation and confusion of the time.

When asked, Myrion will likely reply: "It is the act, for which my sister should be remembered, not whom it was she saved, we are all equal in the eyes of Elune."

Shadris Feathermoon has never confirmed or denied this rumour.

Family Edit

Mother: Jeshna Starblade

Father: Kaerl Starblade

Elder Brother: Myrion Starblade

Younger Brother: Fierse Starblade

Younger Sister: Seira Starblade