Abandoned since '09

Full title Edit

Zul'Kazajin Jukarri, master scout, spear thrower and hunter of the Horde. Most people know him as Kaz.

Class and race Edit

Troll hunter.

Physical traits Edit

Blood red eyes glint over a large hooked nose and a well shaped troll jaw from which two small tusks jut from his endlessly grinning mouth. Bright crimson dreadlocks trail down his shoulders and are deftly held back from his face with a black leather headband. A troll of average height and weight, Kaz's physique has honed to perfection through years of travel and hunting through the harsh lands of Azeroth. Kazajin has no scars as he regenerates from wounds at an accelerated rate, even by troll standards.

Occupation Edit

Kazajin works as a scout for the Horde, being sent in to gather information on possibly hostile areas before the grunts are sent in. He has been known to do the odd mercenary mission as well. Whilst out he will skin any creatures he kills and mine any ores he can find to then sell them on in Orgrimmar for some profit, though he doesn't need money to survive as he cheerfully tells anyone that asks.

Family Edit

  • Luatha - Wife - deceased
  • Tianzi - Daughter - deceased
  • Shiari - Daughter - deceased

History Edit

Kazajin lived a happy life with his family on the Darkspear Islands, he was a respected hunter among his tribe and a loving father and husband to his family. This was all, of course, before the murlocs and humans invaded. A raid on the village by the humans killed Shiari, the eldest daughter when a footman stabbed her through the chest. Kaz got his revenge soon after with his trusted bow. A short while later the Orcs arrived. Kaz was one of the spear throwers that went with Thrall to rescue the elder troll, Sen'jin. After the failed rescue attempt, the Orcs and Trolls fled from Murloc forces. Whilst getting on to the boats both Kazajin's wife and remaining child were killed as they attempted to climb aboard. In a blind rage, Kaz rushed at the Murlocs, however, an Orc grabbed hold of him and pulled Kaz on to the boat.

Kaz, not knowing what to do with himself once the boats landed decided to follow Thrall. Lending his aid as a scout and spear thrower. He remained working under Thrall for the entire third war. Once the war had finished he didn't know what to do once again. Pondering on what he should do, he spent a few weeks in Orgrimmar, helping to build the city. One day, by chance, Kaz saw the beast master Rexxar in Orgrimmar. There had been whispers amongst the Orcs about Rexxar; how he lived and survived in the wilderness like a beast. Upon first site Kaz could tell this was true, and the moment he saw the great Mok'Nathal, Kaz knew he himself wanted to explore. To see the various natural phenomenons that Azeroth had to offer, to marvel at the beauty behind the harsh, unforgiving land. The next day he left Orgrimmar with only his bow and a small flask of water.

Kazajin spent four years exploring the lands of Azeroth, from the lush northern forests of Ashenvale all the way down to the blistering heat of the Tanaris desert to the south. He also made several hops to the Eastern Kingdoms in this period of exploration, giving him the opportunity to see the Alliance lands. Eventually, Kazajin walked back through the now finished front gate of Orgrimmar and like a faithful dog to it's master he went to Thrall's fortress. He was readily accepted once again amongst the Horde as a scout and hunter and to this day still works for the Warchief and for the greater good of the Horde.

Personality Edit

Kazajin describes himself as a "happy go lucky Troll" and sticks to his regular philosophy of "Go wit' da flow, mon." Calm and overly friendly, generally unusual for a Troll, Kaz is rarely seen without a smile. Given a chance he will try to enchant an audience with the adventures he had within his years traveling, though most of the time people seem to fall asleep, but that doesn't stop him storytelling. Kaz rarely gets angry due to his nature, however, he will become aggressive if someone is in trouble and in need of help, be they Alliance or Horde. Kaz doesn't mind the Alliance as he has seen their lands and how they work, he understand why they have a grudge against the Horde and he wishes that someday peace can be achieved between the two factions.

Quotes Edit

  • "Juuba!"
  • "Yo, bruddah!"
  • "Da Lich King got countless mo'e undead in his citadel an' we ain't 'ad no real victory ovah him yet, so wha' makes ya t'ink we be winnin' da war in Nort'rend, mon? He be plannin' som'ting, an' me know it gonna be bad juju."

Personal Notes Edit

  • Has accomplished his goal of having a beer with a member of each humanoid race he knows of.
  • Wishes to meet Brann Bronzebeard to have a long chat about their explorations.
  • Would happily leave Orgrimmar to live in the wilderness if it were not for the current wars/faction problems.

Criminal Record Edit

  • Illegally entering Ironforge to explore.
  • Illegally entering Stormwind via the Deeprun Tram to explore.

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