Keeyakee Stormdancer
Kee white
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Tauren
Faction The Horde, Stormdancer Tribe
Health -
Level 80
Status Dead
Location Buried in Moonglade

Keeyakee (Kee-YA-ke) Stormdancer, also known as Kee, was a young elemental shaman. She was a member of The Thousand Eyes for many seasons, mostly because she saw them as her family. During her last time in life, she traveled the roads alone, without any contact with her old friends. She gave birth to the calf Hruhron Stormdancer.

Traits Edit

Kee in dress

Keeyakee wearing a formal, tribal outfit.

Kee was caring young tauren with a big heart. She would do anything for those she loved. She was mostly calm and sensible, not fast to judge and with huge amounts of patience, but if provoked, she was a formidable opponent. She did not speak a lot, but when she did, the words came straight from her heart, she rarely lied and she hated doing so. She had a strong opinion, and when she thought it was necessary, she was not afraid to speak it.
During her last time in life the events of her past, but also things that had happened more recently, seemed to catch up with her. She became depressed and quiet, and as she often tried to protect others from her pain, she tried to hide it. Even though she was the same person as she always had been, her personality was very different those last months.
She was still young at the time of her death, around 55 years (which means, if she were a human, she would have been in her early twenties). She was a bit shorter than the avarage tauren woman, but curvy and strong (not very muscular though). Her fur was white with big, tan spots. She keept her auburn mane in braids, and her eyes were emerald green. She prefered tribal clothing, and pretty much resented "elven fashion", as she called it. During formal occasions, she would mostly be found wearing tribal robes of leather, decorated with feathers and fur. When on a mission, or just relaxing, she mostly wore leather and sometimes mail. She always wore an amulet, decorated with feathers, around her neck. Most of the time it was hidden under her tunic.


Pawene Stormdancer - Keeyakee's mother. It's unknown if she's still alive. She left Stormdancer Village shortly after Keeyakee was born.

Ghar Grimtotem (?) - Keeyakee's father, whom she had never met. Residence unknown.

Kasah Thunderhorn - Used to be Keeyakee's fiancé.

Hruhron Stormdancer - Keeyakee's son. Named after Hruhron Roanfeather.

Background Edit

Keeyakee was born in Stormdancer Village, a small village hidden in Mulgore. Her mother left her shortly after her birth to spend her life with Keeyakee's father. Thus, she had no memories of her parents. She was raised by her tribe's elders, and her childhood wad a happy one. The elders later discovered her shamanistic gifts, and when she was old enough, she was sent to camp Narache to begin her training.

When reaching adulthood, Keeyakee left camp Narache to aid the Horde. During her travels she met Hruhron Roanfeather, a druid. They felt very strongly for one another, but it never got past that, since Hruhron's family arranged a marriage for him. As a farewell, he gave her his amulet (which she wore until her death). She returned to her village, disheartened and sorrowful, and she stayed there until she one day recieved a message. Hruhron had been killed during a mission in Ashenvale. Of course, this caused her much sorrow, but she also realized that life was too precious to throw it away, and that Hruhron had wanted her to live and be happy.

Since then, she lived the nomadic life of her ancestors. She joined The Thousand Eyes and finally felt like she had a real family. There, she met the hunter Kasah Thunderhorn, who showed interest in her for quite some time. They became a couple. During the first time of their relationship Kee doubted if she really cared for Kasah the same way he cared for her, but decided that it didn't matter. Kasah was a good man and deserved to be happy. When Kasah proposed, she said yes. As many times before, she ignored her own wishes to make someone else happy.

In the meanwhile, The Thousand Eyes was changing, and not for the better in Keeyakee's opinion.

Slowly, the events of the past but also of the present started to catch up with her. Hruhron's death, her own doubts about Kasah, but also a vision she had recently had. It was a vision of herself as a mother, and she couldn't wait to meet the calf in her dreams. But she had no idea when, or even if, the vision would come true, and she came obsessed by it. Since she did not want to cause pain to anyone else, she hid her own.

When Kasah left for a longer journey, she had no one to support her any longer - even though she was not sure about their relationships, she was grateful for his care. She was alone, confused, and vulnerable. Keeyakee, who never touched alcohol otherwise, took up drinking. During this time, she did a lot of stupid thing. These includes a misstake so big that she never told anyone.

When Kasah had been gone for months, Keeyakee realized that she actually missed him. As she had sunken deep into confusion and depression, she understood that she needed him and his support. Soon after this realization, Kasah indeed returned. But instead of becoming the saviour Keeyakee had longed for, he left her. He had gotten tired of Kee and her secrets, and felt like she did not trust him. He did not change his mind when Keeyakee told him she was pregnant - something she had been very happy about when she discovered it. Keeyakee's condition got worse.

The birth of her son, Hruhron Stormdancer, was a glimpse of light in the darkness, but if soon faded away. What if she could not take care of him now, what if she left him behind just like her mother had left her? Keeyakee, now living in her old tribe village, became apathetic, and her son was taken care of by the elders, just like they had taken care of her so many years ago. But Keeyakee saw the pain she cause her loved ones, and decided to go back to the battlefield. But she saw no joy in aiding the horde, no sorrow for the lives she took. She woke up, took orders, killed. Like a machine.
After a few months of mindless servitude, she conjured her last hope to contact Kasah again. He was the only one who could bring her back to her old self. But as she realized that he would never understand, she gave up. She couldn't take it any more, was not strong enough to cope with the burdens that life had placed on her shoulders. A few weeks later, she was gone.

"A thousand stars, a thousand watching eyes, shining in the heavens. Mu'sha is watching over her children, spreading her silver light across Mulgore's plains. But to the young shaman, sitting at the shore of Stonebull Lake, there are no stars, there is no silver moon. Neither is there a bright shining sun during the days, no fresh summer rains, no caressing wind, no clouds drifting by. All is emptyness; all is gone."

Burial and Inheritance Edit

As her final wish, Keeyakee was buried in Moonglade. He ashes lies in an unmarked grave, next to Hruhron Roanfeather.

But her death is perhaps not the end of Keeyakee's story. Her son still lives on in Stormdancer Village. Before her death, she wrote her will, leaving everything to her son. Except for Hruhron's amulet, which should have been given to Grauhr Wildmender, Hruhron's brother, but has not yet reached him.

Personal Notes Edit

Keeyakee drawn by her owner - Keeyakee

Keeyakee and Kasah, a sketch by her owner - I wish I could