Kelderan Li'nae Flameseeker
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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Blood Elf
Faction Horde
Health Enough to survive
Level 73
Status Alive and Well
Location Silvermoon

Name and TitlesEdit


Kelderan Li'nae Flameseeker


  • Commander of Blood
  • Knight of The Ebon Hold

Previous TitlesEdit

  • Ebon Knight of The Fist of Acherus
  • Disciple of Blood
  • Grunt of Dagger and Totem

Physical AppearanceEdit

  • Age: Around 126 (When he died, Being a Death Knight he will no longer age)
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 11st 2pounds (Without armour)

Physical TraitsEdit

Kelderan has very pale skin in comparison with normal Sin'Dorei, a colour so pale it can only be associated with undeath. He is has a strong muscular build due to the job he has done for all he can remember of his life. Kelderan has jet black spiked hair. His skin a has a few bad scars on it, but has stayed almost perfect due to Kelderan's chosen Death Knight School, and his self-sustaining capabilities. He carries himself as proudly and upright as any other Sin'Dorei, for he see's no reason why he should not.


Kelderan has a few, at times, very obvious abnormalities with his body:

  • He has a long scar down his right eye, but can see perfectly out of it. (Possibly something to do with his reincarnation)
  • He has a very very big scar running from his right shoulder to his left hip. (Looks like it was very deep, Possibly something to do with how he died)
  • He also has a large blood rune carved into his stomach, that when his armour is not on, glows just as any other rune on his armour and/or weaponry would.

---More to Come---

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