Name Edit

Kelnairia Furyclaw, previously known as Kelnairia Firemoon.

Physical Traits Edit

Almost always in cat or bear form.

Guild Edit

Dead of Winter

Occupation Edit


Family Edit

Parents still alive and living in Darnassus. Kelnairia is no longer close to them. No siblings.

In Her Own Words Edit

Being what I am is in my blood.

My parents were druids, their parents before them and even their parents before them. A long line of proud druids that reaches back as far as memory. Only there is an exception in my case.

I am one of the wild.

I run with wind, I swim with the tide and I roar with the storm. I am justice and revenge in the form of the cat, I am anger and defence in the form of a bear.

I give my strength to my people; I fight for our cause, I fight for our lands, I fight to take back what was once ours, I fight for our survival.

Nothing can tame me.

Other Edit

Kelnairia is a very angry woman. She feels her people have been treated badly by both their enemies and their supposed allies. The Alliance have not helped the Kaldorei win back their lands, nor do they rush to their aid when the Orcs of Warsong push even deeper into Keldorei territory.

Fiercly protective of any of her race Kelnairia seeks to right these past wrongs, she longs to assist in the retaking of land, to support new settlements, and, ultimately, she seeks to be a part of the eradication of the Horde, with the Orcs of Warsong as her first target.

The Player Edit

Hordies on The Sha'tar: Zalinjia of The Barrens - Troll Priestess, Salali - Tauren Hunter, Draaksha - Troll Priestess, Ethete - Tauren Druid, Marresh - Orc Warrior.

Alliance on The Sha'tar: Elraynah Dawnmantle - Night Elf Priestess, Maralah - Night Elf Deathknight, Kelnairia - Night Elf Druid.

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