Kelria Swiftwind
Placeholder person
Image caption
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Blood Elf
Faction Scourge
Health Healthy
Level 71
Status Undead
Location Unknown

Name Edit

Kelria Swiftwind

Physical Traits Edit

Her Skin is a deathly pale colour, She has several patches where the bone can be seen through her skin. Her eyes are currently a blood red colour.

Her Hair is black and well kept, She can usually be found wearing battered armour, with various bloodstains on it.

She usually has two swords with her, They appear to be well crafted, with a black pattern running up from the hilt, Both swords give off an eerie purple glow. Her bow is made from bones with a skull mounted on the front. The eyes of the skull seem to glow a red colour, almost as if its still alive.

Race and Class Edit

Blood Elf Hunter

Guild Edit

Darkwinds Scourge

Occupation Edit

  • Dark Ranger

Family Edit



- Work in progress -

Family Background Edit

-Work in Progress-

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