Kergo Ironhoof
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Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Tauren
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Affiliation Horde
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Location Borean Tundra / Warsong Hold
Status Alive
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Background Edit

Not much is known about Kergo, apart from that he was born in the time of the First War. He was trained to be a warrior by his father Khart Ironhoof, the chieftain of the tribe who died during battling for ground from the Centaurs. After that Kergo let go of his old life, since his tribe was no more, to wander around the world, seeking out other warriors to learn from, one day he stumbled across Gremkarc of Orgrimmar, Chieftain of Dagger and Totem, after that day he has been part of the clan.

Rank in Dagger and Totem Edit

Kergo is now the new Stone Guard of Dagger and Totem, after the resignation of Ciite. Because of this, he is a bit more serious when he is in a campaign.

Family Edit

After a month of traveling around Kalimdor to find his parents, Kergo found out that they had been slain by a powerful Centaur Khan. For the past four months Kergo traveled through Kalimdor, searching for the murderous Khan. He asked around in various fishing and hunting camps for any information on a certain centaur tribe which seemed to be fleeing in a great hurry. In time, he caught up with the centaurs and in one night, the whole population was gone, yet Kergo didn't find the Khan. He had fleed before Kergo had arrived. He tracked the Khan into the tallest bluff in Thousand Needles and as the Khan begged for his life, Kergo struck a huge knife (of his standards) into the centaur's chest, he cursed the Khan for his acts as he gave him a fierce kick, after which the centaur plummeted down the bluff into the ground below. The screams were horrifying. After that, Kergo returned to Dagger and Totem, his family avenged, yet he did not feel any satisfaction for the deed. Kergo is now the only surviving member of the tribe Ironhoof since his Chieftain father died. He plans on resurrecting the tribe at some point, though it will mean that he leaves Dagger and Totem.

Kergo is yet to find a mate, Tauren or not. He simply doesn't seem to have much luck with the opposite sex and his life expectation is not that high, considering the dangers he puts himself in. Yet, someday, he expects to settle down and start his own family, the one that will in years to come, become the new Ironhoof Tribe.

Weapons of Choice Edit

Kergo has two maces styled to fit his heritage, they are of Tauren make, which he keeps strapped to his belt as a back-up option. He mainly uses his large sword, made out of titanium infused stone, to be as hard as metal, it is adorned with orcish runes and stylized to fit a member of the Horde.

Clothing / Armor Edit

After rising to the rank of Stone Guard, Kergo fought in the battles around Azeroth, the resources of Arathi, the Frostwolf land of Alterac, the logging grounds of Warsong Gulch. For his prowess he was granted the armor of a long passed Tauren Warlord. He wears an eyepatch covering his left eye because of an unfortunate event in the Plaguelands concerning a vrykul and a harpoon.

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