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Khayri is a blunt, sarcastic, Argus-born Draenei Shaman, famous for his love of headbutting dragons and other mythological creatures, and more infamous for his long list of romantic conquests and habit of getting absurdly drunk at inappropriate times. Currently, he is working on a boot large enough to kick the arse of Malygos, and is trying to turn Kel'thuzad into a necrotic sock-puppet.

Name and Titles Edit

  • Khayri the Oncoming Storm
  • Khayri the Bloody-Handed
  • That Bastard Who Ravished My Innocent Daughter

Physical Edit

Age: 27,068

Height: 8 feet (244 cm)

Weight: 330 pounds (150 kg)

Khayri's build resembles more a classical statue than an upturned pyramid; his body is kept in fine shape from running just about everywhere, and headbutting just about anyone, and his resemblance to some kind of bitey, vicious jungle cat is further enhanced by his scruffy mane of hair, which is filled with various crystal beads and shamanistic charms. He's usually clothed simply, and effectively, either in battle-mail or a workman's shirt, always matched with a pair of trousers that are far too tight for polite company.

He is covered from head to toe in scars, some of them larger than others; his face is largely untouched, except for an axe-mark on his nose, and a winding one from his bottom lip and through his chin. Perhaps the most significant is the one along the length of his right arm, where it was broken in the crash.

He has an extremely broad Arathi Highlands accent due to learning the Common language from an Arathi fisherman. He also smells vaguely of spring thunderstorms.

Class and Professions Edit


Khayri in his Element.

Khayri is a Shaman specialising in the use of Elemental Fire and Lightning, using the power of magic from range.

He is a botanist and Scribe, although his rune-work tends to be fairly basic and functional.

He works as a mercenary for the Alliance, Argent Crusade, and other associated groups.

He has a known love of Arathi and Alterac folk music, and occaisionally plays guitar, fiddle, and sings.

Guild Edit

Winterborn Edit

The Winterborn are a (currently closed) Alliance military outfit, being formed by Khayri.

Social Edit

Pzinget - Friend

Daaritu Stormcaller - Friend

Martin Northwall - Friend

Family Edit

Khayri had been estranged from his parents for some time before Sargeras's corruption of the Eredar, and doesn't particularly care whether they're alive or not.

Background and Expanded Notes Edit

Background Edit

Khayri was born twenty-seven (he says six, but he's lying) thousand years ago, on Argus. For the first two millenia of his life, he spent most of his time in the bedrooms of young and impressionable girls, and the remaining part of that time beating his liver with a hammer made out of alcohol. Famously irreverant, he did poorly at any sort of magical study, couldn't do drills without singing filthy limericks, and ended up working as an occaisional mercenary and bouncer. When Sargeras corrupted the Eredar, that way of life became rapidly untenable. Working as an elite soldier - due to his years of experience dealing with brawling Magi - Khayri worked hard to ensure the Draenei were safe, during their flight from the corrupted Man'ari Eredar.

However, upon the arrival of the Draenei on Draenor, this hard-working attitude rapidly evaporated, and Khayri took to travelling the wilds of Terokkar, Nagrand and Zangarmarsh, spending his evenings with ladies, and his afternoons fighting anything he came across. He earned a reputation as both a womaniser and an excellent fighter, and was hired (begrudgingly) by the leaders of villages, to defend them from marauders. The fact he would immediately go after their daughters post-battle was a fair trade-off.

When Kil'jaeden discovered the Orcs, and corrupted them, Khayri's lackadaisical attitude evaporated once again. He was known with some distaste in Vindicator circles as "The Bloody Handed" for his disinterest in his personal appearance after battles. For some long years, he struggled against the Orcs, desperately clinging with his race to the remains of broken Draenor.

Until, of course, the Crash. Khayri was assigned a bodyguard duty; playing chaperone to a pair of skilled Draenei scientists who would re-gain control of The Exodar. He performed his duty admirably, but the Blood Elves had sabotaged the dimension-travelling ship, and in his haste to protect the scientists from the resulting crash, Khayri forgot about his own safety. While they were stowed in cryogenic pods, he was trapped underneath broken crystal and metals; his arm broken, and his blood pouring out of him into a strange world.

Then, the strange land began to speak...

Notes Edit

Khayri has been prosecuted for more counts of Public Indecency than is decent to relate to the reader, and holds the current Shattrath City record for Drunk and Disorderly within a one-month period. He is currently being watched closely by Stormwind City Guardsmen, after several recent incidents of Stealing a Guardman's Hat With Intent to Impersonate.

He is quite fond of pie.

Fiction Edit

Out of Character Edit

Khayri is User:Scintillatus's main. All of this information is provided to you IC, because Khayri has got around more than the common cold, and has a habit of speaking altogether too loudly about his adventures.