Kittiera Elanessë Edit

Kittiera "Kyrastrasza" Elanessë


Unknown to anyone how old she really is but look in her mid twenties.

Physical TraitsEdit

The first thing you may spot with Kittiera is her long bright red hair while flows over her shoulders held up by a hair band, soft darkened blue eyes while have a slight green tint to them. She has a small almost fragile looking figure very often wearing a smile. Kittiera prides herself in having the gift of light and being a priestess which shows with her choice in clothes. Often seen in light colors whites and blues.

Majestic Red Dragon



Race and ClassEdit

Blood elf priest


Forgotten Shadow


Kitty is a talented tailor and enchanter my profession dabbles in the light being a priest and mender.


Grandmother - Queen Alexstrasza the Life-Binder (active in Northrend)

Father: Endhelven Elanessë

Mother: Aurastrasza ((active in Northrend))

Consort/Fiancee: Typhor

Brother: none known of.

Sister: Isilwen Elanessë (Half sister)

Children: Zalazion Elanessë, Cailopiel Elanessë. Extended family: Cailope, Inifay, Lady Nanexia Fenri


Kittera went through her life not knowing what she was or who her father was, with tales from her mother about her noble and loving father but how her relationship had not going very well. She followed her mother who practiced the art of being a priest and tailor till her mother vanished. She wondered Azeroth before finding herself in Orgrimmar where she met Typhor a champion of the horde. Taking Kitty under his wing. After a number of year her and Typhor gain a very special bond and finally fell in love. Not long after Kittiera came face to face with Endhelven her father, after speaking to him and reforming a bond she continued down her path of light protecting her loved one. All her life she had felt that she had something missing the last piece of her puzzle finally fell into place when she met Cailope a black dragon. After seeking her help and guidance Kittiera finds out that she is a red dragon and sister to Cailope. After all her mysteries are set in front of her she settles down with Typhor once finding out that she was pregnant giving birth to her two little babies Cailopiel and Zalazion. Now Kitty continues to help people in Northrend healing wounds along side her flight family.

Family BackgroundEdit


Criminal RecordEdit

None what so ever.

Personal NotesEdit

Some stuff. Theme tunes?

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