Kouniam Frostfire Set
Kouniam as seen in-game. (May 2009)
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Kouniam Cerenïll Nikulin (pronounced Kuh-ny-ám Ké-ré-níl Ni-kiu-leen) is a draenei mage, former member of Athanatoi and member of the Kirin Tor. His rather temperamental personality and vicious behavior are often associated with the ones of a Man’ari Eredar by most people. He’s particularly known from trying to execute Kall Sprangler-Darksprocket several times and by his services to Athanatoi and Immortalis both in battle and has a scholar.

Name Edit

His current official designations are of Lord Kouniam Cerenïll Nikulin of Farahlon, title given by birthright, Envoy of the Kirin Tor, has a draenei representative of the Magocracy of Dalaran, Praetor Kouniam Nikulin of Immortalis and Head Archivist Kouniam Nikulin of Immortalis. He is usually adressed at by the latest.

Former designations and titles include: Jeweler Kouniam of Shattrath (while working in Shattrath as master jewelcrafter); Kouniam Nikulin, Mage of the Hand (position taken after the Exodar crash); Pentrarch Kouniam Nikulin of the Athanatoi (last recorded designation within Athanatoi); Dreadmage of M’uru (while serving M’uru’s will under Lady Qialynna’s orders).

Physical Traits Edit

Kouniam is taller than the average draenei (2,43 meters), resembling the original Eredar height, another Eredarish feature is his long and flexible tail, a trace lost by most draenei of this time. His skin color is light blue and he has a strong build. He has two pointy horns at the top of his forehead with a smaller one in between. His hair is long, loose and dark blue and he also has sideburns and a goatee with short and thin facial tendrils. His eyes are of a deep and pure bright blue and his facial look is quite calm and imposing, although, when angered, the inner grace is replaced with malice and viciousness.

His walk is imposing and gracious, transmitting a certain degree of importance, looking almost unreal. His voice is normally calm and deep, although freezing and hissing when angered, which rarely happens.

Also has a naaru shaped purple scar on his right hand and sharp nails, both are usually hidden by his habit of wearing gloves.

Race and Class Edit

Draenei Mage - specifically a Wizard and ocasionaly a Battlemage.

Guild Edit

Praetor and Head Archivist of <Immortalis>

Formerly Athanatoi.

Occupation Edit

Scholar, cartographer, scientist and jeweller.

Spends much of his time reading, studying and sorting books and entries for the Immortalis Archives (previously Athanatoi). Geographic study and map drawing was a secondary occupation for Athanatoi, in order to keep maps updated and perfectly accurate. As Head Archivist he also dedicates time for scientific study when he was free or when there was need of analysis by a higher ranking member. Skills as jewelcrafter are often used for personal entertainment rather than pure profit, except in some few exceptions; he tends to build personalized trinkets and gadjets like his notable crystal sundial.

Dedicates much of his time to personal objectives or random adventuring, his position as Envoy of the Kirin Tor also gives him minor errands. His nobility rank should give him responsibilities over the family household in Farahlon (former Netherstorm), although the area has been destroyed after the orc invasion leaving said duties unnecessary. Having inherited the entire Nikulin family possessions he his very wealthy with nearly no need to make a living (exceptions apply to certain tasks as a jewelcrafter as stated above).

His exceptional knowledge and dedication to research made him an extremely powerful mage and he enjoys spending time seeking even more power and perfecting his skill. He is also a writer, having made numerous books, articles, scrolls and recorded several holodisks (all of which are in possession of the Immortalis Archives).

Upon the disbanding of Athanatoi he left his position of Head Archivist to Kall Sprangler-Darksprocket, returning to occupy this post in June 2010.

Family Edit

Family extension is limited. Great part of it of Eredar origins in Argus, except himself and his sister.

Parents Edit

  • Mother - Melanaee (Kaadoen) Nikulin (deceased)
  • Father - Ullaanum Nikulin (deceased)

Sister Edit

  • Zyamë Nikulin (alive)

Background Edit

Under development.

Family Background Edit

Under development.

Criminal Record Edit

Charged with attempt of murder of Mrs Kall Sprangler-Darksprocket for several times, preventing the rescue of Dunxie Gigafluxator and secretly assembling a powerful magical artefact with the objective of tacking over his own military organization. Absolved for lack of proof, followed by sudden disappearance. Previously emprisioned in the Stormwind Stockades for mentaly unstable behaviour.