Kouta Tayen
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Kouta is a Hunter, born in Ashenvale and raised in Teldrassil. He can be seen mostly traveling Azeroth with his faithful companions Tora, Shiro or Akira.

In most cases Kouta may come off somewhat anti-social but it is simply a preference to avoid crowds, especially those of which he is not familiar with.

His age remains undeterminable due to certain circumstances. However he is fairly lazy and tries to accomplish anything with as little effort as possible and has a rather childish sense of justice which all add to be obviouse signs he is fairly young for a Kaldorei.

Unlike many of his kin he doesn't think too seriously of the religeous beliefs of his people and prefers to think of things in a more logical sense, though the interest may be small he still enjoys and makes an effort to partake in the Kaldorei traditions

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kouta is usual height for a male Kaldorei standing somewhere around 7 feet tall. He has well maintained long dark blue hair and light blue skin and the typical golden glow adorning his narrow eyes. His frame, however, is rather slimmer than the average burly, battle hardened elf but his extensive training as a Hunter has allowed him to maintain a toned physique. Because of his light frame, long hair and androgenous features he can sometimes be confused for a female at distance, but closer inspection is all it takes to be certain he is male.

His only unique features are, when clothing permits visibilty, rather large burn scars can be seen on the biceps/tricep areas of both arms. Additionally he always appears to be wearing a green stone-like pendant on a thin leather strap around his neck.


Kouta doesn't really show much in his expression and at times may appear to be rather stoic and seem to keep a bit of distance but he will at least treat strangers politely and listen to what others have to say.

As he travels he tends to keep a rather reluctant attidude to straying from his task at hand, when encountering members of the horde (unless provoked) he'd much rather ignore conflict as he believes it to be pointless both from his own views and those enforced by the Argent Dawn, to which he highly respects.

Being both a Kaldorei and a Huntsmen he very much attuned to nature, therfor he strongly dislikes anything that contridicts nature in any respect. Justifiying his harsh oppinion of Undead and of course Demonic individuals.

Guild AffiliationEdit

He is currently a memeber of the guild "Next Chapter" assigned to the Malorne chapter.


Kouta's military occupation has always been Huntsmen. he has at some point studied and participated in combat in all fields of this class. His civilian occupations are: Scribe (Inscription) and Herbalest. Additionally he can Fish, Cook and knows First Aid to a reliable degree.


Imari Tayen - Father - MIA

Aimi Tayen - Mother - MIA

Serein Tayen - Identical Twin Sister - Unknown


Blitz - In care

Tora - In Care

Shiro - Currently Assisting (stand by)

Akira - Currently Assisting


Kouta's reason for participating in the field are to both follow in the foot steps of and hopefuly one day trackdown his parents. He relocated from Ashenvale to live in Teldrassil, with his twin sister Serein, when his parents left for service in a skirmish of the alliance.

After working to pay their keep for several years awaiting the return of their parents they dicided to take seeing them again into their own hands, they began training in the ways they had watched their parents do so and left Nordrassil to persue their goal.

Kouta never warmed to crowds nor has ever been very good dealing with them but his Twin sister Serein always compensated for that with her urging, though difficult to get on with at times in her own way, and after some trying they eventually found an organisation in which they thought could help them as equally as they could be helped and so joined the Essence of the Blade.

An unfortunate accident fell upon Kouta in his service at Essence of the Blade which caused him to be incapacitated, and later resulted in severe memory loss.

He spent some time back at Teldrassil rehabilitating himself with the help of the villagers after a trade caravan to Shattrath had found him. Soon after he met with a very highly valued friend, and link to his past, Dominique by chance in Darnassus City who played a great help in retaining some memories.


Kouta has been involved in a number of additional activities in the past:

He and a few others formed an Anti-scourge unit to combat the scourge's movement at the time. It was later disbanded as the members seemed to go their seperate ways.

He served as a Mercenary who was supplied clients through a sort of agency up to the point of his accident.

He has in the past and still likes to help in various events both major and minor, however has never hosted anything.

Random TriviaEdit

(( I thought it might be fun and/or interesting to show some IC and OOC trivia to show a little more about the character that wont fit in other places.))

In character Trivia:

  • As become settled on the idea that the Horde and Alliance should put their quarrels aside and combat the larger issues at hand due to influence from certain other players and his time spent working for the Argent Dawn and Cenarion Circle, to represent this he wears an Argent Dawn tabbard proudly.
  • The pendant he wears around his neck is a keepsake that once belonged to his parents. His sister Serein has an identical pendant.
  • Both he and his sister took after their parents' skills and classes in combat as a sign of respect towards them.

Out of Character Trivia:

  • Kouta's given name was taken from the lead male protagonist of an anime called Elfen Lied.
  • His family name is of Native American origin and it's meaning is "New Moon".
  • His current pet Tora is named after the players Japanese Zodiac sign Tora(Tiger).
  • Transferred from The Venture Co. server in October '08.

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