"Can put on as much armour as he wants to, and can die as many times as he can be risen, but he'll always be an elf" - Duke Lenard

Krisom is a former rogued Blood Knight that got converted into a Death Knight by the Scourge, now residing at The Ebon Hold: Acherus. He was formerly under the wing of The Fist of Acherus, but now a founding Archon of The Convocation of Elrendar. He's known to be a resilient knight of death who's fighting style resembles that of a warrior, he knows a vast number of necromantic abilities, but his true skill will forever remain with the blade.

Krisom Aaron Stillwater
Vital statistics
Title N/A
Gender Male.
Race Sin'dorei.
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Age 129 in Elven Years.
Beliefs Retribution
Alignment Neutral
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Occupation Death Knight
Location Ebon Hold
Status Risen
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Krisom is a disciple of Blood, leeching life from his victims with each pressing blow to stay ontop of the battle.

Krisom Aaron Stillwater (Ki'sum)


Krisom's name was given to him by his father, in honour of his grandfather "'Krisom' Stillwater' who died shortly before Krisom was born. Krisom has been called by his own father's name "Kilam" from time to time, though this is only used by his non-blood-related family

Stillwater in thalassian is translated as Ki'sum.


The Knight of Death has a appearance that speaks for itself. - The attire formidable and horrific, a dark gloomy
Still a blood knight


gesture of death, something that would be seen walking by the sorrowful memory of the Scourge, yet he stands under a different banner with the lack of bloodlust in his eyes and expression that was once written to annihilate the living has now been extinguish, and re-written with a fixed expression that might prove to some as unreadable.

The unique essence that is flushing out of his skull's sockets, can see that his embodiment is full of runic and necromantic energies, even the presence itself speaks of the cold fingers of death that has an obdurate grasp of his form, a subject of the afterlife.

His face in its life was well taken care of, even with two scars that run down his face contradict his efforts, is right eye has a blackened scar, the discolour proves that his figure along with the person has been touched by the scourge, trails from the tip of his eyebrow all the way down to the top of his right eyelid, and then re-trailing downwards and ending up three inches from his nose with another small scar - hardly visible, still having a life-like colour in the slit tissue, running for 3 inches down his lip and reaching the skin under and over it, the tainted scar seems to be done by the same brutish attack and a weapon specialist with close observation. would find it noticeable that the scar was created by an Orcish weapon of the Outlands.

WoWScrnShot 010511 085516

Krisom as he appears in-game.

The most striking part of Krisom appearance is his long white hair that hangs over his collar bone and rests against his chest. His hair seems to be straight at the sides and pulled back towards the tipping point it ends with spikes and curve downwards on the slant he back of his hair seems to be a mixture of being spiked and draping out to his neck; this seems not to be natural but self-made, the hair holds a colour not brought by age or death, but a naturally coloured snow white that grows darker to the tips, almost resembling a dull cobalt blue.

The usual armour that Krisom wears does not make him subtle to his kind, the armour represents death itself with symbols of skulls and glowing eyes which would be noted to be empowering arcane gems, skulls that seem old and new are tarnished with some tendrils of rotted flesh hanging from them, the stench of death surrounds the knight due to this, his appearance would scare the cowardice with grand intimidation with the addition of spikes that are self-forged and attached onto the knuckle department of his gauntlets, they are big and not just for show, as the three inch spikes would cut even some the toughest tissue of flesh with enough effort. One of the most unnoticeable but yet the only object that stands out on the Ebon Knight's attirement would be the silver tarnished ear-ring that hangs off his ear which has a harlequin green glow with it, that changes to a viridian or teal colour once the light diminishes.

Stillwater's Code:

In life Krisom lived by a code of ten conducts, after his life was taken and he was brought into the world the undead, to make sure he'll never be manipulated once again (Via Lich King) he has sworn to regather his code and piece it back together to reclaim what he was:


"I shall not omission the path I've chosen to take. I shall encompass the arduous itinerary that's imminent to far afield."


"Retribution is quintessential, an excellence in morale to me, my confederate and beyond my adversaries"

The Blade:

"My blade is emblematic, it is my contrivance to espouse vengeance, rectitude and primarily my own paradigm"


"The imminent trepidation will not apprehend me, anxiety is an ilk to me, an admonition. Fear is an invasive alley against my adversaries' morale and a caveat towards my own conduct"

There is six yet to be found.



Ire is a runeblade that was designed to build up runic energy whilst being besetted by prodigious foes.

WoWScrnShot 052810 155509

The defensive runeblade

The runeblade was once wielded by one of the numourous Scourge Death Knight Commanders inside Icecrown Citadel. Krisom has always debated with himself on who is stronger, an Ebon Knight or a general Scourge Knight. After defeating the Scourge Commander who once fought with this blade, Krisom now uses it as an example. An edge to his own theory.

Stillwater's Warmonger

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Indignation is a gladiator forged runeblade that builds its runic focus through the agression of the wielder's attacks.

WoWScrnShot 102610 193709

The offensive runeblade

Krisom participated in a few gladiator fights in representation of the Ebon Knights. - As a token of appreciation for participating, Krisom was given a the brutish blade, in which later he reforged. - The blade is littered with various blood runes.

Family, Friends/Acquintaces and Related Factions:


Kilam Krisom Stillwater


Valeria Stillwater

Step Father:

Serethas Nocturne


Javea Stillwater



Krisom was born at an early unexpected time near a tree north-east of Azurebreeze Coast, the baby was perfectly healthy although annoyingly he wouldn't stop crying or whining. They decided upon birth to call the new born "Krisom Aaron Stillwater", their first child.

"He'll grow to be an healthy quel'dorei that'll honour his family as the first born." - Kilam Krisom Stillwater


Krisom lived happily with his family, residing at Fairbreeze Village, which where his home would be. He had younger sister in which he'd neglect to play with his 'older' friends. Krisom was an ordinary child that would prance about in his home of Quel'thalas.

"Can I come with you big brother?"

A Knight of Quel'thalas:

At teen Krisom and Auralena were sent to different mentors so they can become defenders of Quel'thalas, Krisom was sent to Suncrown Village to train with Serethas Nocturne, at then a middle-aged man that taught Krisom the differences between right and wrong, blade skills and general leadership qualities. This slowly forged Krisom into a battle-worthy warrior.

"Get up Krisom, do not omission the path you have chosen to take!" - Serethas Nocturne

The Second War:

(Coming soon!)

Scourge Invasion:

A fifteen year gap where things seemed blissful, an horrible turn for the worse was right behind it. The Scourge attacked Quel'thalas, marking its defeat. Krisom was heavily injured at the time and endured a three month coma. Losing his fiance, family and friends, Krisom bit in sorrow and turned it into pure rage and determination, Krisom had then found out that Serethas joined the Blood Knight order, and was swiftly peeling through the ranks.

With this marked Stillwater's Code, so he'll always be remembered of own sworn duty which also sprung the forging of Stillwater's Warmonger.

"My blade is emblematic, it is my contrivance to espouse vengeance, rectitude and primarily my own paradigm" - Krisom Aaron Stillwater

The Blood Knight Order

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Esoteric Illusion:

The the beginning of Krisom's real journey was shortly after he met Aerandir and Sinkalia Ravenmists, they offered an idea to bring unification between the sentient species of the world to aid the forth coming peace, which turned out to be an esoteric illusion, in itself.

For a moment silent reigns between the three before Sinkalia elegantly lift her left hand, brushing a rougish lock of red hair from her forehead, tucking it in behind her ear as she speak in a low, very satisfied tone of voice
"Excellent – With this, the Esoteric Illusion is Born" - Sinkalia Ravenmist.


Set sail to the Frozen Wastes:

Hunt for the runeblade:

Confrontion; Infestia:

Apparent triumph; Stillwater's Nocturne:



Scourge Commander:

Light's Hope:

Esoteric Illusion, the second coming:

The Fist of the Acherus:

Storm and Ruin:

Red Spear Company:

Storming Icecrown Citadel:

Esoteric Illusion, the third coming:

The Convocation of Elrendar:


"I'm not a Sin'dorei of Quel'thalas? Just an abomination that got rejected by the Scourge? Remember before you try and vex me with your forked tongue that I was a proud warrior of this land, I fought for salvation, wielded retribution and swore that with every last breath in my body that I'd make sure that her people can feel safely embraced within' her comfort, Quel'thalas. - Even after death, that righteouss path still leads down a corrupted road to salvation for our land. Think again before casting my presence aside from my people."

- Krisom retaliating to a sin'dorei's prejudiced harassment.

"Retribution will play it's part? Do you credulously believe that the light is the only embodiment of retribution? Let me welcome you to the contaminated side of retribution, a place with unyielding bloodified justice, a forced to be reckoned with. I take you have not met an Ebon knight yet? Psht, get up and go catch butterflies, Paladin."

- Krisom mocking a Paladin.


A word that Krisom overuses.


  • Krisom's grandfather's name 'Aaron' is obviously a human name, although Krisom has no trace of Human blood in his family at all.
  • The snow white hair isn't through age or being converted to an Death Knight, it's completely natural.
  • "Get up Krisom, do not omission the path you have chosen to take!" - Was likely where Krisom got the idea for part of his code.
  • Krisom displays predjudice towards the oppisite sex.