Kruhai Bluntooth
Kruhai Bluntooth image
"Kruhai no like posing for peektore.."
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Orc
Faction Horde / Orgrimmar & Silvermoon
Health 1274
Level 30
Status Healthy
Location Orgrimmar

Physical TraitsEdit

  • Less muscly than his fellow Orcs but still dangerous.
  • (see picture)


Cryptic Metaphor


  • Grunna - Mother
  • Dorga - Father


Kruhai's mother and father were both fierce warriors for the Horde, when they had Kruhai they returned to combat and left him to be raised by foster parents whom gave him a home, but no education. Kruhai taught himself to speak and read and so thus neither are particularly good. As Kruhai grew he became a very powerful fighter, he would train in his spare time so he could become like his parents. However Kruhai is a very gentle giant he is very friendly towards everyone he meets and only uses his skills to fight dangerous creatures and the scourge. He refuses to fight the alliance as he feels all are equal. A while ago Kruhai decided to leave Orgrimmar to visit the Blood Elf capital of Silvermoon as he had heard many tales of it as a child and wished to see it first hand. Upon arriving he was so blow away by the magic and color of the city that he decided to stay for a while, helping out with some of the problems they were facing with the local scourge, only recently has he returned and now seeks to further train himself.

Family BackgroundEdit

Mother and Father left him after having him as they were not a couple and neither wanted to raise a child

Criminal RecordEdit

Nothing on record.

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