Librarian Lafayna

Lady Lafayna Stormsong Ebonhawk, née Stormsong, goes by no fancy title. Most people close to her call her Faye. She is a sin'dorei warlock, preferring to refer to herself as a "summoner" or sorceress.


Faye is shorter than most blood elven females, and with a petite build that makes her appear rather frail and tiny, even for an elf. Her eyes are naturally deep green, and have been so since birth. She's considerably pale, but hints of a very light tan shows itself on her cheeks and the tip of her nose. Her voice is dreamy, and there's something delicate, almost careful, about the way she speaks.

Noteable accessories

  • Silvery looking wedding band on her left ring finger
  • Stratholme Lily tucked in behind her ear


Matheus Stormsong - Brother

Both Lafayna and Refayina grew up without any knowledge of their older brother, and despite finally meeting him briefly, neither sister currently keep in touch with him. He's seemingly a marksman of some sort.

Refayina Stormsong - Sister

Lafayna has an unhealthy admiration for her older sister, believing everything Refayina says to be the absolute truth and/or a literal command to be followed. Even though the sisters now live far apart, busy with their own separate lives, Faye will always value Refayina's opinion and advice higher than anyone else's.

Vaellas Ebonhawk - Husband

See: Vaellas Ebonhawk
Though their first introduction was thanks to a prank played on Faye by a common friend, Faye and Vaellas soon became inseparable. Blood Knight, and good friend, Ylanda Krouneth served as the minister on their wedding.

Family notes: Lafayna's parents are deceased. Her known extended family includes Refayina's husband Quell, and their children.

Character traits

  • She tends to act avoidant, absent minded and/or socially awkward in general: she usually avoids eye contact, rarely speaks unless spoken to, and is very easily distracted (at times, she's only "physically there", as her mind often wanders). Lafayna is painfully shy, and known to stutter, chew her lip and fidget nervously with her hair and clothes when uncomfortable.
  • Faye has a love for unpredictable things, which is why she prefers rain or strong winds to calm weather. It also somewhat explains her fascination with fire.
  • Long years of isolation in her past has caused her to develop severe mental instability; not only is she delusional, but she also suffers auditory hallucinations and she's been known to blackout occasionally when under heavy stress.
  • She's terribly claustrophobic, and can't stand closed-up spaces.

Brief personal history

Lafayna grew up isolated from the world, and suffered a very lonely life. She spent her childhood falsely believing her parents to be dead and didn't find out the truth until much later, after their sudden death, resulting in her never knowing her parents save through reputation. As far as she knows, they were a fairly insignificant elven couple living in what is now known as the Ruins of Silvermoon. The full reason her parents decided to keep her locked up is something they took to their graves. Both her siblings experienced fairly "normal" childhoods.

When Faye reached her fifties her parents passed away, which allowed her to explore the world, accompanied by her orcish bodyguard and guide Zaedro. Refayina later brought her to Silvermoon and arranged for her to join the guild Remnants of the Essence where she, amongst others, met Raphiel Malkithass, who became her lover for some time before his mysterious death in Netherstorm.

Several months later she was introduced to Vaellas Ebonhawk, and the two of them eventually got married and made their home in a modest flat in Booty Bay. As time went by, Vaellas founded a division of the Argent Crusade, known as the Argent Sun, and when he had to leave for Northrend, Faye decided to join him. The Argent Sun eventually disbanded, and they returned to Booty Bay, where they currently reside.

Fel powers

Faye wallpaper

Picture by Pryme.

Although her connection to fel energy is strong enough to make her a potentially adept demonologist, she avoids using the fel tainted powers she possess, as casting fel spells gives her a feeling of strange euphoria she's not entirely comfortable with.
  • The Dreadsteed: Lafayna's preferred mount, and the only one of the demonic minions at her disposal which gets frequently summoned. The Dreadsteed has no name; Faye calls it "Horse", if anything.
  • Tarfip: An obnoxious imp, fondly referred to as "Flippy" by Faye. It has a love for mana biscuits and shiny things, and a strong dislike towards Vaellas. Nobody's quite clear on why, and the imp has never been interested in explaining the feeling, seemingly preferring to simply express it as often as possible. Tarfip tends to amuse itself by rearranging things in Faye's home when she's not paying attention.


Lafayna spends most of her spare time reading. She is very passionate about books, and dreams of being able to find and collect "rare books found at odd places". She also has a keen interest in old relics and artefacts which has resulted in quite a few tomb raiding adventures. Besides that, she's awfully fond of stargazing, and just generally watching the sky. A fairly proficient tailor, she lends her skills as a seamstress when needed. Occasionally she attempts cooking. Often with rather dreadful results.


  • Faye is somewhere in her early fifties, and she looks to be in her early twenties.
  • She keeps a kitten and a tickbird; the former being a present from her sister and the latter a gift from Vaellas, trained as a messenger bird.
  • An arranged marriage once had her unwillingly betrothed to a young man called Marchus.
  • Fellow warlock Crystiala Dawn Ren'neth is quite possibly her best friend. The girls once found themselves facing the possibility to end up as relatives, as Faye's older sister Refayina was in a relationship with Crystiala's father: Dorian Reuss Ren'neth.
  • Her favourite colour is purple; something she will usually do her best to incorporate in her outfits.