Ledah Ironwing
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Name Edit

Ledah Ironwing

Physical Traits Edit

A Dwarf average size and there seems to be nothing different from him compared to other dwarfves. he seems serious but after talking you will notice he's actualy quite friendly. he has a scar on his right hand. wich seems to be a wolf claw. and he has a lot of scares on the other parts of his body. wich are usualy not seen because of his armor.

his armor is also quite damaged and you can see claw marks all over it.and you can disguise a compass hanging on a chain on his belt.

Race and Class Edit

Dwarf Hunter

Guild Edit

Stonefoot Clan

Harbor stand

Occupation Edit

Engineer and Jewelcrafter.

Animal Trainer

High Lord Of the Stonefoot Clan

Family Edit

Background Edit

Born in Anvilmar. and soon after the birth of Ignar they went north in the direction of kharanos. but they ended up somewhere around the wetlands due to the "Lack"of a propper sense of dirrection in the Ironwing Family. During a hunting Trip Ledah made , a lot of dark irons raided the camp they made. and most of the family ended up dead or missing.

after the death of many of the family People from the Thunderbrew inn Took care of Ledah. it seems that that's the main reason for his love of Thunderbrew ale.

He is one of the few dwarves. who dont have a natural hatred for elves. as he says "wot donnee attack me w'ile drinking me ale is nej me enemy."

Once he became a seasoned hunter he got a young wolf from the people at the Thunderbrew inn wich he called Interceptor. This snow-wolf is still his best companion. and best friend. Interceptor seems to have taken a liking to Ledah's Mechanicle Squirrel. it always tries to eat it

Dwarf in silvermoon

Family Background Edit

The Ironwing have always been a family/clan with Hunters and paladins. and have been fighting against the Dark Irons and undead as long as we can remember. the family seems to have a close conection with animals. however most family members lack the 'General Sense of direction" and usualy end up somewhere else than originaly intended.

Criminal Record Edit

Hunted down a bloodelf Pickpocket however was misunderstood and is no longer allowed to come near that elf again

Personal Archievement Edit

-Locating and destroying a dark iron base east from the Eastren plaguelands.

-Joining a bunch of Gnome's and humans on a journey to different Worlds "as they called it" to find new and interesting things

-Found Ein Ironwing. who returned with his older brother. they both have changed into some death knights and are now with The Stonefoot Clan

Personal Quests Edit

- Finding the one responible for the attack on the camp

- Opening a farm, Zoo or petshop. so he can be with animals all the time

- Writing a book about animals in azeroth

Tamed Pets Edit

- Interceptor (Wolf)

- Fate (Wolf)

- Revenger (Wolf)

- Destiny (Wolf)