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Leena Gladsworth

Leena Gladsworth, Knight of the Ebon Blade

Leena Gladsworth is a Death Knight of the recently formed Knights of the Ebon Blade. She is a cold, pragmatic personality, and her only feelings seem to be hatred directed against the Scourge. She also dislikes impractical decisions, mostly those made impractical out of empathy or sympathy. As a direct result, Leena can be quite brutal when talking to indecisive and/or spiritual leaders, like druids.

Name Edit

Leena Gladsworth, Ebon Champion of the Ebon Blade

Physical Traits Edit

She is a relatively well-preserved undead, apart from two large, black leather straps bolted to her face with massive iron nails. Her shoulder-length hair, although greasy and untended, seems to stick well to her head. Lately, most likely due to her second rising as a Death Knight, the straps have become torn and tattered over the eyes, and cold, blue smoke flows through them. She is still rendered sightless, however.

Leena is clad in imposing plate armor, and her dark runeblades are covered in frozen sigils, and often coated with hard rime. She recieved her training from the Lich Amal'thuzad in Acherus, and prefers to use the ways of Frost to deal with her foes.

Race and Class Edit

Forsaken Death Knight

Guild Edit

She works for the Knights of the Ebon Blade, and is the leader of a small vanguard unit of Ebon Knights known as the Fist of Acherus. The Fist is designed to strike at the Scourge wherever and whenever needed, but it also serves as an aide to the Horde dispatched from the Ebon Blade. The unit of the Horde the Fist is mostly seen working with, is the clan lead by Gremkarc of Orgrimmar, Dagger and Totem.

Occupation Edit

Leader of a vanguard unit of Ebon Knights known as the Fist of Acherus.

She is also a proficient blacksmith, forging weapons and armor for the Ebon Blade, as well as the Horde.

Family Edit


  • Jarn Gladsworth (Husband, deceased)


  • Eric Fairweather (Father, deceased)
  • Marian Fairweather (Mother, deceased)


  • Thorald Gladsworth (Eldest son, deceased)
  • Alwer Gladsworth (Youngest son, deceased)


  • Largen Fairweather (Older brother, presumed deceased)
  • Lembrant Fairweather (Older brother, deceased)

Current companions Edit

None. Leena is currently fighting on her own, only occasionally accepting the aid of others.

Background Edit

Life Edit

Leena Gladsworth lived an uneventful, tranquil life until the coming of the Orcs and the first war. Although not directly touched by the First War, her husband Jarn and her eldest son, Thorald, were both called to service when the Orcs crossed the sea after their victory over the southern kingdom of Stormwind. They were both killed during the early days of the war, and her youngest son, Alwer, died as he joined the army to avenge his father and brother.

Leena, left with nothing but an empty farm, decided to join the army herself, if only to cut her life shorter than necessary. She was granted permission to join a small unit of footmen, and through rigorous training, she managed to climb ever higher up the command ladder. Eventually, she was promoted to the rank of Field Marshal, but on the very day of her promotion, her unit was subject to a fierce Orc ambush. The Orcs swiftly overcame her unit, and she fell victim to a mortal blow to the face.

Undeath Edit

Many years after Leena's death, things had changed. The Alliance of Lordaeron had won the Second War, yet a terrible tragedy had befallen them. The apparent heir to the throne, Arthas Menethil, had killed his father, and the Undead Scourge posed a terrible threat to the world. It was purely by coincidence that a Necromancer under command of the Scourge happened to raise the corpse of Leena as one of his unholy minions, and much more of a coincidence that her new form managed to stay "alive" until Sylvanas' rebellion, after the Legions defeat, and Arthas' second journey to Northrend.

Now one of the Forsaken, Leena initially struggled trying to find a purpose in her new form. Her face, broken by the mortal blow which had killed her so many years earlier, had to be bolted together with black leather straps, crossing over her eyes. For navigation Leena now had to rely on hearing, feeling and smelling. However, with time at her side, she mastered this form of existence in few years. She armed herself with hand-crafted armor and weapons, and as the Forsaken were accepted into the Horde, she pledged her allegiance to the new allies of the Forsaken.

Last Days in the Horde Edit

Awqe and Leena

Leena and Awqe making preparations for riding out in the Eastern Plaguelands. Where is Gremkarc? Off doing... Shaman-stuff.

After many years of service, Leena, now a Centurion of the Horde, was assigned to a mission in the Plaguelands; her former home in life. It was here that she first met Gremkarc of Orgrimmar, an orcish Shaman of Restoration, as well as his Troll companion, Awqe, and was enrolled into the Heroes' Society. Together, they worked for and with the Argent Dawn present in the region, as well as capturing strategical towers for the Horde. These towers, however, caused Leena's head to be filled with echoes of her past life, the Echoes of Lordaeron. While they drove her to fight harder and more valiantly against the Scourge, she also noticed parts of her long-lost soul returning to her.

While she had always had the memories of her past life, it was not until she heard the Echoes that she was able to act on them. As she fought alongside Gremkarc, she was obsessed with a ever-increasing urge to go to Stratholme, and attack the Scourge there, as part of a personal crusade. After weeks had passed in the Plaguelands, she finally did. In front of Gremkarc, another Forsaken known as Ssyl, and a pair of Sin'dorei, she tore off her Horde tabard, and single-handily charged into the Scourge city, Stratholme. She was presumed dead by those who had been there.

Death Knight and current situation Edit

Leena with Runeblade

Leena in her Saronite armor, wielding her runeblade.

Although killed in Stratholme, fate would not have her dead just yet. Once again, Leena was risen, and once again, the Lich King was to blame. Leena was now a third-generation Death Knight of the Scourge; a powerful, yet disposable shock trooper. Shortly following her dark rebirth in the dreaded Necropolis, Acherus, she was hurled at the gates of the nearby town of Havenshire to join her fellow Death Knights in the slaughter of Scarlet Crusaders. After a great many battles, the Death Knights, under the leadership of Darion Mograine, were defeated and redeemed at the battle of Light's Hope chapel.

Leena, now filled with thoughts of vengeance at the Scourge, and Arthas, was assigned among many other Death Knights, to aid the Horde in their war efforts in Northrend. After working with the Forsaken in the Howling Fjords for some time, she was reassigned to Warsong Hold, and the Borean Tundra. During a trip to Coldarra, to assist in the War of the Flights, she ran into her old companion, Awqe, who almost instantly recognized her. Shortly after, Awqe and Leena, engaged in a rather awkward conversation, were approached by Gremkarc of Orgrimmar, who did not instantly recognize her. After a short, to-the-point conversation with Gremkarc, Leena once again joined with her former companion. For a while, she was part of a group consisting of herself, Gremkarc, a Troll Hunter called Salax and his pet worm Stranglekelp, and a Sin'dorei Warlock, Val'theras San'dulin, and remained with them for quite some time. She assisted the group, as well as the Horde as a whole, during the siege of Warsong Hold as well.

The siege of Wrathgate, however, would change many things, as well as the state of their group. Leena and her group, as well as many others, were not engaged in the siege, but were standing watch at the Kor'kron Vanguard above. The betrayal of the Royal Apothecary Society, and the following battle for the Undercity and the declaration of war from the Alliance led to dramatic changes in the relations between Leena and the group she had been travelling with, as well as the Horde as a whole. She, as well as many other Death Knights, claimed that the Horde as a faction, as well as the Alliance, had failed in defeating the Lich King and the Scourge. Leena subsequently broke off from her group, and was reassigned to the newly claimed stronghold of the Ebon Blade in Icecrown; the Shadow Vault. She now works alone, championing the Ebon Blade as she cuts through the never-ending stream of Arthas' mindless minions.

Family Background Edit

Leena Gladsworth (born Fairweather) was the youngest of three siblings. She grew up at a small farm south-east of Stratholme, in eastern Lordaeron. She was set up in an arranged marriage at a relatively low age, and was married with Jarn Gladsworth, whom with she had two sons.

Personal Notes Edit

  • The sections "Last Days in the Horde" and "Death Knight and current situation" is based on in-game events, while the other sections are self-written backstory.
  • Awqe, despite many stating the opposite, is actually a genius. This shows clearly through his first statement as he meets Leena in the Plaguelands: "You're dead!"
  • Leena's vocal cords were crushed during the ambush which killed her, and because of that, her orcish is severely hampered, often forced into unnatural breaks and mid-sentence cuts.
  • Leena is a very cold, pragmatic personality, and lacks empathy for most beings, living or dead. She never misses a chance to tell her companions "If you fall behind, you are left behind."
  • Unlike many other Death Knights, Leena does not name her Runeblades (or any weapons, for that matter. She dropped the habit when she died). She considers them as tools made for slaughter, and not needing names.

OOC Information and related links Edit

  • User Nostalgium is the player of Leena.
  • Scored 0 (-10, actually) on the Mary Sue-test.
  • No related links as of yet.

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