Leonar Medalli
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Name Edit

Leonar Medalli (Pronounced Ley-oh-nar Med-oh-lie). According to reports, the name Medalli translates to common as "Sacrifice", as it has no Thalassian translation and is a highly uncommon surname amongst the Sin'dorei.

Leonar has apparently been recently called "Harrier" by the Kor'kron, after the Bird of Prey of the same name.

Physical Traits Edit

Leonar carries himself with a stance that most confuse with pride and arrogance, though he is known to display both at times when on the battlefield.

Leonar's face clearly show his middle age, giving him a grizzled and experienced look. He has shoulder length brown hair, only partly groomed half the time due to his life prefered into the wilderness than the cities. He always appears to have stubbled on his jaw, also showing his lack of self grooming.

Due to his career choice, he has a slender body prefering to keep himself able to be agile, since his main bout of strength relies on his companions.

Race and Class Edit

Sin'dorei Hunter (Never calls himself a Ranger, and dislikes being called one)

Occupation Edit

Sniper - Most recently worked with the Kor'kron

Formerly a gun-for-hire

Family Edit

Kyran Medalli (Father, KIA defending the Sunwell - Silvermoon)

Anya Medalli (Father, KIA defending the Sunwell- Silvermon)

Teralli Dawnwhisper (Sister, Deceased)

Cynthia Dawnwhisper (Niece, 15. Currently in Thunder Bluff)

Fer'ande Dawnwhisper (Brother-in-Law, Missing)



Dor'ano is Leonar's longest known companion. A rare breed of white tiger from Winterspring (the species with cyan stripes rather than purple), she was a gift to him as a cub several birthdays ago. She is completely loyal to Leonar, often to the point of striking enemies when he is harmed. Currently, she, along with Grieger, are in Thunder Bluff protecting her master's niece, Cynthia.


Little is really known about the wolf Grieger, only once seen travelling with Leonar. However, his loyalties are shown in that he, along with Dor'ano, are protecting Leonar's niece Cynthia in Thunder Bluff.


Shale is Leonar's most fear inspiring companion. A fully grown male Jormungar, Shale is often described as an alpha male of his species because of his size. Originating from the Dragonblight, Shale's entire length comes to nearly forty foot in total. He strikes from underground, his orders given by specific stomps by Leonar picked up through vibrations in the ground. Leonar claims that he earned Shale's 'trust' by feeding him Alliance Scouts, now saying that Shale seems to follow him knowing that he isn't more than a few days from a large meal. Shale also appears to have acidic spit, though this is not often used as it destroys bone and flesh, leaving Shale with nothing to feed on.


Leonar's most mysterious companion, and only ever used when truly necessary. This Spirit Beast resides within the crystal amulet Leonar wears around his neck.

Background Edit

Leonar was born as the second and last child of Kyran and Anya Medalli, their only son. He was raised in a family where both his parents and his older sister were Rangers (his sister being in-training when he was born). They consistently had plans for him to follow in the lines of his family, but Leonar never showed any interest in becoming a Ranger, despite his love of the forests, the wildlife and his bow. However, he did as they wished and trained as a Ranger, during which he expressed his wish to never be known as one, even to his teachers. It is the only time known that he had any contact with them outside of the Undercity and Dalaran. Leonar graduated from the Ranger’s training close to five years earlier than most, something his parents would tell others about with great pride.

Leonar’s skills with ranged weapons are far superior than with melee based weaponry, capable of taking out targets up to 120 yards away. The only weapon he dislikes are crossbows, claiming “They are a weapon that doesn’t know what it wants to be”. Despite his many years of training with a bow, he has a far greater preference for guns, mostly for the consistency of the ammo, the quickness of the reload and much better accuracy. At his side, he always carries two guns. A pump handle sniper rifle he calls ’Kyran’ after his father, and a pistol he calls ’Anya’ after his mother. However, despite his preference for ranged weapons, he always carries two melee weapons. The first being a large two handed sword that once belonged to his sister, which he fittingly renamed ‘Terallia, the Winter Rose’, named because of his sister‘s birthday in the Winter months and her love of white roses.

During the invasion of Silvermoon by the Scourge, Leonar found that both of his parents were killed in action defending the Sunwell. He retreated to the city, looking for his sister and his young niece to get them to safety, only to find Terallia fatally wounded in her home. She begged him to take her daughter, his niece Cynthia, to safety and leave with the Sun Prince. Leonar did as she wished, gathering the young girl in his arms and leaving Quel’thalas.

The years passed, and Leonar continues to raise Cynthia as if she was his own daughter. Desperate to provide for her, he turned to the life of a mercenary, and a gun-for-hire. However, it was recently uncovered that someone in turn had ordered a hit out on him, driving him to go into hiding until he hunted down who had targeted him. Cynthia during these months lived in Thunder Bluff, her and her uncle’s new home, guarded by his companions Dor’ano and Grieger. Most recently, Leonar was seen wearing an Orcish tabard, claiming that he had begun working closely with the Kor’kron as a sniper.

Personal Notes Edit

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