Inhima 'Liandrithel' Athle'ara - Commonly abbreviated 'Lian'

Physical TraitsEdit

Lian is a Blood Elf of average height and slender build. Her body is adorned firstly by form fitting leathers, cracked, broken and visibly repaired at some point in the past. [To be expanded]

Race and ClassEdit

Blood Elf, Rogue


Dagger and Totem


Engineer. Novice Doctor.


Inhii Athle'ara - Deceased. Father, Name Unknown - Deceased.


To add at a later date.

Family BackgroundEdit

To add a a later date.

Criminal RecordEdit

None, all acts committed are in line with laws according to the areas they were comitted in.

Personal NotesEdit

Theme tune - The A Team. Or more seriously, To be expanded when I have time.

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