Lor'ante It'talorei, (pronounced Lore-ont)

Name and Title(s)Edit

Lor'ante Il'talorei

  • - the Reckless

Vital Stats and Physical Apperance Edit

  • Age: 97
  • Height: 6'
  • Weight: 183lbs

Lor'ante is about average height for his age, (being about 19 in human years) but also has a slightly thinner physic. His eyes, like all Blood elves, is green, now a heathier shade compared to how they used to be. His frail physic is no more, and now boasts several visible (but not all that impressive) muscles on his chest, arms and legs. He currently also has long brown hair tied into a ponytail.


Lor'ante also has a huge scar where he was impaled in combat against a Magnataur of Northrend. His face bares several scars, especially around his mouth were he was mauled by a bear, and a few around his eyes. Scars on the rest of his body are from blades or claws mostly. The scar on the back of his neck was caused by his father, when he was stabbed, slicing through a little part of his spinal cord, and causing paralysis on parts of his left arm, most notibly three of his fingers which are immobile.

Lor'ante himself expects that about 20% of his body surface is covered in scars.

Race and ClassEdit

Sin'dorei, Blood Knight


None as of yet


Blood Knight. At least until recently were he was tried for treason for defending the pirate, Illyxia Darklight, from other Blood Knights. He was stripped of his master rank.

Family, Friends and AssociatesEdit

Thamnen Il'talorei (Father- Deceased. Killed by Lor'ante)

Solyis Il'talorei (Mother- Deceased. Died of magical overdose)

Malyah Il'talorei (Sister- Alive. Currently living in Dalaran as a confectionary saleswoman)


Lor'ante grew up in what is now the Ruins of Silvermoon, near Farstrider Square with a highly respected family of bakers. However, behind the scenes, Lor'ante and his sister knew their father for his angry, and perverted tendencies. Lor'ante would often be abused through violence, gaining his first facial scar from a carving knife he was threatened with. Malyah however, suffered from their father's perverted side, often making her do things to him she was too young for. One night, upon hearing Malyah cry out for someone to help, Lor'ante snapped, and attacked his father. Thamnen, in return, stabbed Lor'ante in the base of his neck, cutting through part of his spinal cord, causing many of the nerves in Lor'ante's left arm to become deadened.

Lor'ante and Malyah ran away from home immediately after, hiding out in the lands of Lordaeron near Stratholme. Little is known of how they spent the following years to the current days. What is known however is that Malyah now lives somewhere in Dalaran.

Lor'ante, six years after the Scourge invasion of Quel'thalas, opted to train as a Blood Knight, hoping to mask his disability in order to train. Turned down several times, he almost gave up on it, until a Blood Knight master took him as a student in the Ghostlands. Master Sunwhisper trained the novice, even of how to wield a weapon due to the disability. Within a few months, Sunwhisper felt Lor'ante was ready to become a Master. Testing him by sending him to Stratholme, Lor'ante returned (with a few extra scars) carrying the artifact he was called to collect. And thus, Master Il'talorei was appointed. Like the nothingness Master Sunwhisper appeared from, so he disappeared to, leaving no evidence of his existence, often leading Lor'ante to believe he imagined him, and ended up training himself.

Over the first month of his mastership, he arrested the Death Knight Illyxia Darklight, and took her to the Enclave prison. Over the few hours that followed, she made many attempts at seducing him into letting her go. It took some time, but eventually, Lor'ante fell for her charms. Allowing her to approach him, he was (rather mildly) suprised to find her attacking him, and stabbing him with the sword he had confiscated. She escaped, and left him to bleed out. Being found sometime later by another Blood Knight, he was healed and began to recover.

A week afterwards, will meditating near a waterfall in Eversong, Illyxia and he crossed paths onace again. Except this time however, it seemed far more... intimate. Illyxia however, ran before any real acts began to take place between them. However, now, Lor'ante was besotted with her.

Months pass, and no signs of her left Lor'ante disappointed as he returned to Silvermoon. Suprise, and some relief, came over him when he discovered Illyxia within the Wayfarer's Rest working behind the bar. Over a talk, Lor'ante admitted his interest in her, however she seemed to see it as more of a fling.

Outside, Sateal and other Blood Knights cornered the two, aiming to arrest Illyxia for information. Lor'ante stood in front of her protectively, rather in vain. Within the confusion, Illyxia covered the area in a swarm of insects, and fled without a back glance to Lor'ante. Lor'ante was arrested, and taken to the Enclave prison. There he was tortured for information, even having his legs broken and healed, and his master rank stripped from him. Word of execution was muttered in what was wanted for him.

Strangely, Master Seraphym released Lor'ante on one condition, that he would help him find Illyxia simple to question her.

Family BackgroundEdit

Criminal RecordEdit

Treason, for protecting the pirate Illyxia Darklight from arrest. Caused in the stripping of his master rank in the order.

Personal NotesEdit

Lor'ante's current theme song would have to be: Randy Orton- Burn in the Light

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