Background Edit

Lord Axewax is character made by Whit Gehax he's occasionally used to hide from the law or enter groups such as holy orders but mostly its a cheap party trick or joke for his close mates and family as a parady of the "righteous paladin" he will sometimes wear full plate and carry a massive sword and sheild. Although he's only done this once or twice Whit has been recognized as Axewax before now.

"History" Edit

"I was along... Then a gajillion ogres jumped out from a hill and the sky filled with dragons and the sea with... erm... sea... ogres, I slaw them all for I am the mighty LORD AXEWAX!

Never fear gentile children I shalt save ye with ye... massive sword and bravery... ye... Come now friends for the power of the light and good and honor and greatness and LORD AXEWAX!"

Contact Edit

"I shalt always be there.... if you need me... just shout my name REALLY loud or send me a letter... but then I won't save you as fast... LORD AXEWAX AWAY!"

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