Mr. Lowdan Sprangler
Lowdan, as seen in-game
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Lowdan Sprangler is a fifty-six-year-old gnome, who is legally dead. He died during the fight for Orgrimmar during the Captured Exarch event, and was resurrected at his wedding.

Physical Traits Edit

He's a gnome. He's rather attractive - by the standards of gnome women.

He has a good sense of smell.

Race and Class Edit

Gnome Warrior.

Guild Edit

None. Was in Arc Arcana once under the impression that it was about a magical boat.

Could be considered to be a member of Immortalis, by association.

Occupation Edit

House-husband for Kall.

Family Edit

Probably has a number of other bastard children that he is unaware of.

Background Edit


Lowdan is resurrected by Revane, in a somewhat embarassing state. Well, it'd be embarassing for him if he wasn't Lowdan.

Lowdan avoids talking about his background. He coasted through school, taking his family and monetary advantages for granted. When Gnomeregan was hit by troggs and radiation, he lost most things. He then spent a lot of his money on booze and drugs and women of negotiable affection, and generally making himself rather unhappy.

One day, he decided to change, and became an adventurer. He wanted to help people, so he became a protection warrior.

He attended the Auberdine Fish 'n' Bake, where he met Kall. Kall. Many, many things happened to him after he met Kall. These included getting possessed by a demon, discovering that he wasn't immune to romance and love, and becoming a lot stronger.

He followed Kall to the Orgrimmar event of The Captured Exarch. There, he died.

Kall went to Hell and back trying to resurrect him. Eventually, however, she did succeed. ((The means through which this was achieved may or may not be discussed when the author isn't pressed for time.)) Ever since, he has been a lot quieter, and a lot more serious.

Family Background Edit

Lowdan was always convinced he hatched from an egg. He's now unlikely to talk about this if you press him about it.

Criminal Record Edit

A number of charges, ranging from public indecency to Drunk and Disorderly to petty theft. The vast majority of them are from a while ago.

Personal Notes Edit

Lowdan was originally played and written by a different player to today. In June 2008, ownership of him was passed from his old player to Kallo. The vast majority of story traits for Lowdan were written before this change of ownership.

TV Tropes Edit

Tropes are actually fairly thin on the ground for Lowdan. I see this as a good thing, actually. He might have classed as a Circus Brat if he was in his former incarnation as a D&D character not played by me - but he isn't, which makes it a little difficult.

I'll add them when I can get them.

(More coming soon. Lowdan's old player (the one who solved the Captured Exarch riddle), you know who you are, help me! -Ed)

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