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Luai is a relative newcomer to Azeroth, having spent much of her life in Shattrath.

Appearance and Characteristics Edit

Luai is average height and build for a Draenei female, following their usual trend towards an extreme hourglass shape. Her movements are graceful, as befits someone who was forced to take dance lessons for the first three hundred and fifty years of their life.

Her skin is palest white, as his her hair. This has changed very recently following her trend towards drawing on the power of frost for her magical skills.

She speaks perfect Common and Draenei with an 'upper class' accent.

Class and Professions Edit

Luai has struggled with her training, trying all of the schools of magic before settling on her decision to follow the path of frost.

She is an accomplished tailor, having built upon a skill learnt as a child to make the hideous dresses forced upon her by her mother slightly more acceptable.

Guild Edit

Luai recently left The Aurora Wolves (disbanded) and returned to the Redridge Retirement Home.

Family Edit

From Who's Who in Shattrath, latest edition.

"Haarthan, Auditor of the Aldors.

Educated at Hyjanth Hall and Grothaxi College. Resident of Shattrath, Auditor to the Aldor and Hand of the Naaru.

First wife Betha (deceased), second wife Jacli, Lady of Shattrath.

Son Naathanial, Harbinger of Zangarmash, Daughter Luai, Lady of Shattrath. Daughter Hela (deceased).

Interests: Politics, Botany, Fishing."

Background and Expanded Notes Edit

Born into one of Shattrath's first families, Luai's early life has been a whirlwind of socialising, etiquette and dancing lessons, and fervent wishes that she could get away from it all. Educated in the best schools in Shattrath, and electing to continue her studies in magic in further education, she has so far resisted her mother's attempts to marry her off to a rich young man, preferring to spend her time studying.

Her recent trip to Stormwind was as a result of three solid decades nagging her father, who is generally more interested in the evolving politics between the Aldor and Scryers than his daughter's life ambitions. Luai happily shook the dust off of her hooves, and can now only rarely be induced to return there.

Luai is now resident in a small house in Darnassus, and is concentrating on her tailoring and frostbolting skills. She is an active part of the Stormwind social scene, frequently whiling away the late hours of the evening in the Blue Recluse, a glass of wine and some embroidery at her side.

Although a proficient elekk-rider, Luai prefers a bear for the colder climes. She has recently perfected the cold-weather tailoring skills required to fabricate her very own flying carpet, although will admit to feeling air-sick should she have to travel any further than a few hundred miles on it.

Notes Edit

Luai is yet another alt of Pzinget, who really is finding this all too much.

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