Name Edit

Lusa Tinkit

Physical Traits Edit

Short black hair which she brushes alot - it still seems to be out of place! Friendly face with blue eyes. Slightly short for the average gnome.

Race and Class Edit

Gnome warlock, was going to be a mage until her younger sister Kyriss died.

Guild Edit


Occupation Edit

Lusa is a Tailor and an Enchanter, She keeps a house in Old town, Stormwind, which she rents out to people -alot of the time, Belnema. She doesn't quest and adventure much, only for supplies of Cloth and items to Disenchant.

Background Edit

Lived with her family in one of the more shady parts of Gnomeregan, helping her Mother and Father with the White Rabbit - their pub. Until the Radioactivity was let out. she was taken by her Father out of Gnomeregan with Kyriss. She lived with her parents, Belnema and Kyriss. A while after escaping Gnomeregan she found Kyriss apparently killed by rabid rabbits. When she came back with her parents Kyriss's body was not found. Lusa now has a fear of rabbits. She currently lets out her house in Stormwind for people to stay in. She sometimes lives with her parents at Theramore.

Family Edit

Mother: Fenora (Alive helping run the accouts of a small bar in Theramore though she is more of a house wife than anything else -Lusa takes after her)

Father: Tenji ( helping run the accouts of a small bar in Theramore)

Younger Sister: Kyriss (Deceased, Killed by Rabid rabbits - or so Lusa thinks)

Cousin: Belnema (she's older than Belnema)

Cousin: Butut (see Belnema)

Uncle: Andras (Presumed Deceased in Gnomeregan)

Aunt: Sandra (Presumed Deceased in Gnomeregan)

Criminal Record Edit


Personal Notes Edit

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