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Name Edit

Lushu - Otherwise known as "The Behemoth" and "The Darkening Cloud."


Lushu is a tall, large Draenei. He has many scars. The most obvious one, in the thin but long one that travels down from the right side of his crown, down over his right eye and down his face, disapearing past his chest armour. He wears an eyepatch which is placed over his left eye, this acts as a seal which was crafted by Archimonde himself to hold back a portion of Lu'shus power so that he can enjoy a fight longer then he would if he was constantly fighting at his full stenght. He never wants to give his enemies an advantage in battle, instead, allowing his enemies to have free hits on him.


Lushu is currently a member of Immortalis, working for them to aid in the battle against the Lich King and any other threat to Azeroth. Although in all honestly he prefers to fight alone and never asks for help. He is only truely loyal to himself, but will do what is requested of him from the higher ranking officer if it involves the chance to spill more blood.


Twenty five thousand years ago, when Velen fled, Lushu was younger and power hungry. He did not flee with Velen, instead staying with Kil'jaeden and Archimonde. He was never good with magic, even with the corrupted titans gift. Lushu, oddly enough never turned a red colour but instead like his commanding officer Archimonde, stayed his natural colour. This made him very noticable within the ranks of the Eredar.

Without the gift of magic, Lushu focused mostly on weopens and fighting skills. Always being the first into battle, charging forth before anyone and clearing pathways in enemy armies. He gained the title "The Darkening Cloud" from the other Eredar. He gained ranks quickly and was soon a high ranking General. Althought he didnt need to because of his rank, Lushu remained on the battle field, never wanting to leave, the sight of Lushu was always a morale boost for the Burning Legion forces. One day, Lushu requested to Archimonde that he have an item which reduces his power to allow his fights to last longer and be more fun. Proud of Lushus power, Archimonde granted him such an item. A small eyepatch.

Lushu was there at the "War of the ancients." He slaughted many sentinals, not once looking back with remorse. During the battle he encountered a tall elf named "Sekanai Ashecroft." Ashecroft, being an extremely powerful elf, battled with Lushu for some time. Demons and Elf alike stopped to watch this battle, a giant circle around the pair, exchanging blow after blow. Apart from the sound of swords clashing against each other, the only other sure sound, was Lushu laughing madly. He enjoyed this battle so much, he had missed a battle where he could have so much fun and use his full power. After pushing Ashecroft back slightly, he reached up to the eyepatch and removed it. Only the demons knew of what was to happen and started retreating from the area. As the elfs cheered Ashecroft, informing him they'd won in this area, they all suddenly became dead quiet. All of them, at the same time, falling to their knees. Almost half of Sekanais troops, killed at once by Lushu. It appeared as though Lushu hadnt moved to Ashecroft, and yet they all fell down dead. Only Lushu smirked. Just before the well of eternity exploded, Lushu was close to killing Ashecroft, and was about to land the final strike before he was forcefully pulled back, returning the eyepatch to its place, he taunted Ashecroft before leaving, shouting "Farewell Elf, may I haunght your dreams forever!", before laughing hysterically.

When the Eredar and other Demons which had been recruited into the Burning Legion came to Draenor, Lushu led a large force into the Zangarmarsh. Suddenly for whatever reason, his force turned and attacked Lushu. Apparently, Archimonde requested it. He thought Lushu was to betray him, and ordered his death. As they attacked Lushu, he killed many of his former allies. Although, from shear numbers and magic, they managed to capture him, beating him untill they thought him dead and left to explore more of the Marsh. When Lushu woke, he discovered himself in a small encampment up in the large mushrooms of the marsh, being healed by many Draenei priests. Velen himself there, told Lushu that they had found him and brought him in, knowing that he was an Eredar made no difference to them. Velen had known Lushu from Argus and knew that Lushu had enough Honor to respect Velen enough to owe a debt of life to him.

Lushu made a point of helping his new allies, the Draenei. He killed many of the attacking legion which hunted the Draenei. He helped lead the attack on the Tempest keep to steal the exodar and traveled to Azeroth with the Draenei. His name carried on from the legion to the Draenei, the Darkening Cloud. He also recieved another name from the Draenei. "The Behemoth" they called him.

Since being on Azeroth, Lushu left the Draenei when he knew they were safe, still oweing a Life Debt to Velen. He now hunts for his utimate challange. Someone who can match his power and finally kill him. Untill then he searchs alone, never looking back on mistakes and killing anyone who he can. Always fighting, always hungry for more.

Looking for someone strong enough to make him remove his eyepatch once again. He had only ever removed it for one person, The Twilight Thorn, Sekanai Ashecroft.


A mother who fled with Velen, who apparently died when Oshu'gun landed in Nagrand. Velen decribed it to Lushu as death from a broken heart, missing her son.

A younger sister who, like Lushu, travels alone. Lushu and her know nothing of each other anymore.

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