Márg Swiftshot
Márg on Heristraza
Márg flying over Icecrown on Heristraza
Vital statistics
Title Ambasador
Gender Male
Race Orc
Class Hunter
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Affiliation Horde
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Location Argent Tournament
Status Healthy
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After Getting lost on one of the first voyages to Icecrown, Márg was Forced to become an expert in Survival. After stumbling across a rich Titanium mine he quickly put his mining skills to action and smelted his current Gun, The Nesingwary 4000, named after his Hunting Idle. Eventualy the Horde Expedition arrived on the Cold continent of Northrend and Márg was Discovered. Returning Home he sent out on his mission to find the one who brought him up, Ságe.

Márg is well known by his friends to be very tempermental with everoyne and everything except animals and is quick to lose his temper due to the amount of time he has spent with animals around the world. He is very likely to attack anyone who mentions his parents and his pet, Terl, but is greatly known for his skills in survival for spending months in the harsh continent of Northrend.

Márg Swiftshot was born into the Frostwolf clan and from the moment he laid eyes on his first gun, he never once strayed from the path of the hunter. After a Brutal attack on a trade caravan to the the nearby Tarren Mill by Ogres márg was left an Orphan. Although Márg fought vailently, picking off several of the Ogres while his first pet Fang (creativly chosen by his childish mind), A Frostwolf ripped many of the Ogres to shreds, It was not enough and after both his Parents, His uncle and his Beloved Pet died, Márg,using his skills as a hunter, feigned death and tricked the brainless Ogres into believing they had taken down the enitre group. Later he stumbled into Hillsbrad foothils were he was forced to instantly mature to an adult at the young age of 12.

At the Tender age of 14 Márg met Ságe who went on to become his Life-time Friend and Parental Role Model yet after a fierce arguement over him having a gun and such a young age Márg ran away, His biggest regret of his Life.

Márg then went on to train with his lifetime Idle, Hemet Nesingwary, in Stranglethorn Vale Learning more about the ways of the hunter. However Hemet abandoned Márg when he refues to get over the death of his First Pet and tame another, and instead set off in search of "Bigger Game".

Dissapointed at his loss, Márg Quickly set off in search of a new pet. Yet no matter how hard he tried he could not find one that felt "Right" and knowing that a hunter without a pet isnt a hunter at all stowed away his gun in order to follow the life of a Miner. Yet no matter how hard he tried the lessons he learnt from Hemet would not fade away and so in a vain attempt to escape his Destiny he Voluntered to journey into the Cold Heart of Northrend in search of ancient troll treasure.

It was Here that He found Terl, The Icepaw Bear and his loyal companion for life. Yet like his entire life things were bound to go wrong and one day while hunting with Terl he returned to find that his entire group had been taken out by a vast army of undead. Knowing that without his gun he stood no chance against them he retreated into the Grizzly Hills.

After spending months barely surviving in Grizzly Hills he left for the Cold heart of Northrend in order to seek Revenge for his friends, even without his gun. However on the way he stumbled across a group of infinite corrupters in the Bronze Dragonshire, Slowly torturing a Bronze Drake. With only an enchanted mining pick and Terl he charged into battle and using his knowledge of hunting survival skills he had learnt over the past month, pulled out of the fight victorious. The Drake, known as Heristraza, pledged himself to him for the rest of his life and give to him an ancient dragon Heirloom, The Staff of Trickery.

Happy after His recent victory and with a new found hope in his heart, Márg set off to Icecrown upon Heristraza, with Terl only a few feet behind. While Heristraza rested from the long flight Márg decided to explore a bit around the border to Icecrown with Terl. There he found a Cave which upon closer inspection turned out to be full of the rare Titansteel in ore form. For the next month he spent hours toiling over a custom made furnace making short trips back and forth between the mine to get some tiansteel. Finally after Weeks of hard work Márg had finished his new gun, a gun to out do all previously made guns. Named in honour of his Mentor and Idle, The Nesingwary 4000 was a gun not to be messed with.

Armed with His New Gun, his Trusty Icepaw Bear and his Valient Bronze Drake, Márg set of into Icecrown with Revenge in his heart. Yet allas all did not go well for Márg and while Camping one night Terl was stolen from him by the Lich King. Yet the time Márg had spent with Terl had given him the abilty to know how and where she was, yet although he knew she was still alive he also kew that she was in the further reaches of Icecrown and without her he was powerless.

He Had only one option left. To wait for someone else to come to Northrend so he can leave the Frosty Hell Behind and return to Kalimidor in Search of His Best Friend, Ságe, in order to get help getting Terl back from the Lich King.

After Finding Sage at a meeting with the Thousand Eyes to honour their deceased members, Márg had a change of heart after seeing Ságe's brutal injuries and tried to escape from her so he wouldnt have to re enter the frozen wastes with her. But will retreating he stumbled across a bear cub. But not any cub, it was one of Terl's and with tears in his eyes he confesed all to Ságe he made Márg promose not to attack Icecrown until she was fit enough to help him.

Now concentrating on his position in the Thousand eyes in order to stop himself thinkg about Terl, Márg quickly progressed to the rank of Eye when he found his master in record time. Yet when the time came for his test to become a wildcat he had no choice but to leave half way through, When his survival instincts and friendship bond with Terl told him she was being tortured but not by the Lich King, but by the Cult of the Damned. Hastily Márg returned to Icecrown and set off on his own to rescue Terl, against Ságe's wishes.

After going mising for 2 days, Members of the Thousand eyes hard a rusltling noise and the weak cry of Márg could be heard. Dragging himself all the way to camp Tarujo where he knew the Eyes met regularly, Márg passed out yards from Verdauga, who quickly ordered him to be brought in by the ither eyes so he could set to work healing Márgs wounds. Yet inside the tent things did not go much better and although Márgs wounds were healed he still wouldnt comunicate with anyone. Then after being told by Verdauga, Sage quickly made her way there and Márg went to open up about what happened.

But then Márg had a change of heart and walked out of the tent, body stiff and opened a portal to Nagrand. Then using his fixed signet ring contacted the Eyes teling them for Every hour Verdauga and Sage where not in Nagrand he would kill 10 civilians. Verdauga, although only knowing Marg for a short time quickly caught on to the fact that this was not Márg and he must have been possesed so set of quickly to Nagrand with Sage.

At Nagrand Verdauga demanded Márg to tell him where he was and after finding out he was in Nagrand arena set of to conquer Márgs inner demon. Verdauga met Márg in Nagrand arena and tried to coax the spirt out of Márgs body, but to no avail and Márg attacked Verdauga in the hope to slay him. After a brutal battle in which both comatants came close to death many times, Verdauga finally got the advantage by comanded the winds to hold Márg down. Unable to fight back the spirt inside of Márg backed away enough to grant Márg some control back but as soon as Verdauga let him go the spirit took control again and unleashed a barrage of attacks on Sage who, not expecting her Best friend to attack her, was badly injured being pushed dangerously close to Death.

Realising the spirt insideMárg was not going to give in so easily Verdauga summoned the last of his power and killed Márgs body. But the spirt was not dead and by putting some of iself into the Eyes signet Ring Talked to the guild telling them that Marg's body would be brought back as an Undead as soon as they left. Sage having recovered from her wounds with Verdaugas help, quickly set to exercising the spirt while he was distracted talking the Verdauga through the signet ring and succesfully destroyed the demon. Between them, Verdauaga and Sage managed to heal Márgs body enough for him to be taken back to Thunder Bluff where he could be healed completly.

On the way Back Márg told how how had felt Terl's presence fade as she was tortured and how he vainly set out straight away to save her. Seeing Terl being tortured right infront of his eyes drove him insane and he, unwisly dove straight into battle and although he triumphed at the start his head was thinking to much about revenge to notice the clumsy Cult of the damned approach from behind. After torturing him they managed to reduce his connection t his physical body so he would be easily influenced and put an evil spirt inside him in the hope of destroying those he loved most.

Back at the Bluffs Verdauga left to persue his own buisness and Ságe and Márg set off to bloodhoof village to purchase a Kodo for Márg, being as his abilty to tame the mounts he normally rides on had faded slightly and he would need a more pemanant mount to get around while Heristraza was resting.

One afternoon while hunting the goblins who were cutting down the forests in Crystalsong Forest Marg found Terl. Badly wounded from the tortue she recieved from the Cult of the Damned Marg was unable to use his own skills to heal her. He made a quick journey to Orggrimar where the Eyes wheres holding a recruitment fair. With Verdauga's Help Marg managed to bring Terl back from the brink of Death.

However all was not well and Terls health rapidly declined. Verdauga informed Marg that it would probably be best for him to put Terl out of her misery, but as a loyal hunter Marg dismissed the idea sraight away. At the next Trial of the Eyes Marg Succeded in becoming a wildcat but all the times Verdaugas words hung in his head. Unable to risk Terls health anymore, MArg set out to find a way to sure Terl but to no avail and after a week searching for an answer Marg found only one. He must kill Terl.With a quick shot to the back of the head marg killed his own pet and his inner mind when berserk.

At the celebration of The Eye of the Month, Marg and Earthfist tried to calm the troubled Kadga in cat form down and after a while they managed to succed. However tired from the constant chasing that took place Marg rested on the edge of the bluff and began to sob over the loss of his pet. Sage, being a good friend, went over to comfort Marg but instead shocked him and he stumbled forward off the Bluff. Only his survival skills allowed him to survive the long fall but he went into a state of shock and his brain reset. Confused and Dazed Marg waited at the foot of the Bluffs until Sage arrived and shocked Marg over the edge. By arriving on Blinky. The "Beast" in Margs eyes wanted to kill him and he ran for his life quickly followed by Kadga in cat form who promised to look after him for what he had done for her. However Sage ddnt want to leave Marg on his own and followed as well. Marg was to quick for Kadga but Blinky quickly caught up and Marg was sure it was Sages Fault that his new friend "Kitty" (Kadga) had been scared off by her. Annoyed at his unwillingness t co-operate and having a short temper because of her fathers recent capture of friend and fellow eye, Brann, Sage left Marg to his own devices and hoped he would return to his original state.

However Marg didnt and setting off he brought some new clothes and a mining pick with the money he got from selling the Thousand Eyes signet ring to a dodgy merchant. Setting off from the crossroads he found a job as a miner and lied a content lfe. until the madness of being alone and have killing his pet set in and soon he was hearing voices in his head. The voices told him to kill his workmates but he resisted and fled to the plaines of Mulgre beneath Thunder Bluff to fins Harmony.

There he found Kadga again and confessed everything to her. But the madness got to much and he began yelling, beating in his own head to get the voices out. But it was to much and Marg was tiped over the edge of Insanity. Going Berserk he attack Kadga forcing her back several metres. He attacked many times with hsi pick but after been tangled to the ground by roots summoned by Kadga he chucked his pick at Her at instead swung his fists. Kadga, hoping the madness would fade stayed with Marg but he quickly broke out of the roots and attacked her knocking her aside he went to finish her when Karturk, His Hunting master in the Eyes, arrived. Enraged by this Marg attacked him but with Karturk in his full combat gear and Marg just in working Overalls Karturk made quick work of Marg. Disengaging several feet away from Karturk to catch his breath, MArg tripped over something. is discarded armour from when he had first gone insane. Quickly slipping it on Marg attacked Karturk while his attention was on Kadga and made quick work of him, forcing him to flee. However in that times kadga had managed to regain her strength and hide in the shadows. Aware that Kadga had him in her paws now Marg layed a trap behind himself,. However being Insane he didnt take the proper precautions Marg stayed to close to it. Jumping out the shadows and instantly shape-shifting into a bear Kadga set off the trap, trapping both Kadga and Marg.

All seemed lost to them both as They struggled in the Block of Ice. However hearing Kadgas pleas of help on the Eyes signet ring, Earthfist arrived and distracted by his sudden arrival, Kadga lost her attention to Marg. Taking advantage of the Marg over powered the heavy bear and forced her o shapeshift into a cat to avoid being crushed. With his heavy boot on her head, Marg forced Earthfist to melt the ice block so he could escape. Having no other option Earthfist did so and when free Marg ordered him to leave. Reluctantly Earthfist backed away but just out of his line of sight so he could watch Kadga using Far Sight. Turning on Kadga Marg overpowered and wounded her badly. But once again when he went to finish her Earthfist intervened and atacking with all his strength, tried to get revenge on Marg for his friends injuries. However Marg was ready and turning round and leaping back several metres unleashed a volley of shots at Earthfist. After a brutal fight Marg managed to prevail, but just about and leaving them both to die set off to get revenge on everyone because of his Madness.

Hrun then finds Margs signet ring, kills the merchant who was in possesion of it and forced Sage to come to Bloodhoof village so he could exact his revenge through Marg. At first Sage passed the idea off straight away being currently stressed by her fathers capture of Brann. However when Hrun persuaded Marg to start killing the innocent villagers of Bloodhoof, Sage had no option to come and stop this Madness. Getting there to find only Marg, Sage put down her weapons and tried to comfort Marg, but Hrun had other plans and told Marg to attack and kill Sage. Unable to control his actions and still having no memory Marg attacked Sage. After a Brutal fight Sage pulled out victorious leaving Marg alive but unable to fight back for a while. However weakened, Sage was not prepared for the brutal attack of Hrun who, cowardly, had been hiding behind a tent. After a brutal fight and only enraged further by Hruns words, Sage managed to bring the fight to a stalemate in which neither could make a move without being killed by the other.With only one hope left for them both, they both looked down to Marg, caught up in his own thoughts. Spurred on by both to kill the other Marg was confused at what to do and Sages constant reminders of who he was just seemed like lies to him. Aiming his gun at Sage, she tried one last frantic attempt to help Marg regain his memory. Telling him to look in her bag he reluctantly did and seeing his toy from when he was a child and his memories came flooding back. Thinking this was all a joke and he had won, Hrun laughed in Sages face unable to see Marg loading his gun with an exploding shot...and aiming it at Hrun.Hrun disentegrated before there eyes, his frail dead bones doing nothing to protect him from the close range shot. With his memory back he set out to apologise to everyone he had harmed when he remembered what he had done. He had killed Terl by his own hands and no one could ever bring him back. Sage sensing his sorrow asked what was wrong and spilling his guts about what he had done Sage quickly set out to try and bring Terl back to life. Marg telling her it was a waste of time was gobsmacked when she did it. Verdauga hadnt been able to heal here. He hadnt been able to heal her. No-one could but somehow Sage had and thanking Sage deeply hugged the renewed Terl with all the love in the World.


Márg is currently a Member of The Opened Eyes as their Wild Ranger Márg is Currently a Crusader of the Argent Dawn after becoming a master of slaying scourge.


Like Almost all Hunters, Márg is Vunerable to melee attacks but after mastering the art of disengaging His only weakness now is being rooted to the ground by a spell and then fought in close combat being as his main hand weapon is The Staff Of Trickery (Given to him when he Saved the Valient Bronze Drake, Heristraza, from the Infinite Corrupters) Which although gives him the power of the dragons is completly useless in close combat.

Should you anger him by mentioning Terl or his Parents he is likely to go Beserk and only the most experienced fighters have been known to survive one his explosive shots while he is in this state.

Places To Be FoundEdit

Márg, can normally be found in the wilds of Mulgore as he prefers the quietness and serenity of the area than Durotar or his Home, Alterac Valley, both Harsh enviroments. Márg can almost always be found with Ságe when he is not training in Mulgore.


When with Márg never ever talk about his Deceased Parents, First pet Fang. Doing so will result in Márg instantly enraging and attacking you, no matter what Age, Health Condition or Strength When fighting with Márg dont rely on him completly as he has a Tendency to let his mind wonder or run off to help wounded animals and critters.


Márg is a Grand Master in Skinning, Mining and First Aid allowing for him to become a Master of Anatomy and useful in helping with any Wounds. He is also known for people who he really cares for or for those he owes a favour to use his skills in First Aid, Skining and Survival to look deep into your body past the boundaries of Skin (or Fur) and anylise the patients internal conditon.

Recently he has been known to have become a Master in the art of Cooking and Fishing and regularly helps out the chefs of Dalaran with their orders.


Because he has recently returned from Icecrown, Márg currently has no home preferng to sleep in the wild, being one with nature. For this reason Márg has a tendency to just lay down wherever, be it the Firey Depths of Molten Core, Or the Chilly Heights of Naxxaramas, and sleep when he gets bored.


Marg At the moment has ony one pet, Terl. Terl is a friendly Icepaw bear that Marg found and tamed in Icecrown. Terl is very friendly to anyone but touch her cubs or abuse her master and she will go into a frenzy and attack you.

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