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Maaku Was born in an orphanage in the Now named 'black temple'. When the orcs attacked the temple, he found himself on his own. Out in the wild of Draenor, Maaku discovered his gift, He was wandering through the wilds when he came about a group of orcs. they charged him and he collapsed, when he awoke the orcs shredded corpses and mindless husks were all around him. He ran away from the scene of Gore and He entered a trance, When he awoke he was Facing a camp of Draenei, which were The Prophet Velens Group of survivors. In his sleep on his First night he prophesised their arrival to azeroth, But thinking nothing of it, told no one.

When they were on-board The Exodar, Maaku Had to fend for himself, When The Exodar stated to crash the Section where Maaku was sleeping ripped itself away from the main ship and began to plummet into The island below.

When he awoke he found himself in between a cliff and a river. he walked alng the path until he saw a path going up the hill with Draenei at the top. The Draenei took him to Amen Vale and he Soon began to help there.

One day wandering in Azuremyst, He collapsed suddenly. He had a vision, A vision telling him to join 'The Temple Knights'. He Contacted and was soon enrolled for a Apprenticship.

Maaku Has recently received a Personal Graduation from Prince Dekeral.



Maaku is a bad choice of opponent. He has been trained as a priest, but because he is a prophet He also has devastating Mental Attacks and Abilities. The deadly thing about Maaku is that he can turn your friends and leaders into savage beings, He can look into your mind to find out what you will do next, He can also (though he never does) Trap your Own mind inside your own imagination.

The One thing that Maaku Has difficulty with is that being a priest he has little muscle compared to other Draenei. But he gets round this minor problem by Over-use of mental abilities. Another issue is that in certain 'Important' Battles He sometimes cannot be sure if it is a prophesy or real, So can sometimes be a bit slow to react.


"May the Naaru Protect your spirit.... And the Light treasure your soul."- Said at the 'funeral' Of The once and True General Areinsaw.

"Home is where ever your heart lies."- A old Proverb which Maaku uses often.

"I would Rather help my friends and disobey a order Than Be called a coward And a deserter of friends!"-Said to General Shinon at Thandol span before being chased by him.


Mentor - The Prophet Velen.

Father - Exarch Veliouso Died in draenor In a clash with a Gronn

Mother - Unkown

Brother - Exarch Shase Spiritspeaker, Missing In Action By The Field Of The Holy Ones (presumed dead)

Sister - Mellaa Spiritspeaker

Uncle - Vindicator Boros

Recent HistoryEdit

Since His Graduation in The Temple Knights, Maaku has Grown ever loyal to Prince Dekeral and The Once General Areinsaw. Maaku and Areinsaw recently organized a expedition to The Ruins of Lordearon, More than half The Temple Knights joined them and began the long march to Tirisfal. The reason for The expidition was that Maaku and areinsaw had heard rumours of a secret that could weaken the Lich Kings Power even more and could bolster the ley lines and stop Malygos's interventions with Magic. They got to The eastern of Dun Morogh When The High Lord Zandil Intervened.

He Ordered all The Knights to the Cliff By IronForge where he then declared That all of them must abandon The Journey and head Home at once he then rode away in the direction of IronForge. But Areinsaw and Maaku Refused To Head home, Because scouts and friends were already there waiting and struggling to survive against the horde That were asailing them. Areinsaw Took the fastest riders and Sped ahead while Maaku was left ot bring up the rear.

Making it through Dun Algaz. Maaku continued his way through The Wetlands, When reaching Thandol Span He had a somewhat unpleasent encounter with General Shinon, Zandil's second in command. Upon escaping from the encounter Bloodied and bruised he Kept Running on and on until Reaching Tirisfal. When he arrived he found that many Of the Scouts had been Slaughtered and the survivors battling to escape Tirisfal.

Upon their Return to Stormwind, Areinsaw and Maaku were brought before Lord Zandil so he could pass judgement on them. He stripped Areinsaw of all Titles and demoted him to a Apprentice, With Maaku Let off any demotions for being 'new'. He and Areinsaw were Both ordered into Exile From the Eastern Kingdoms To Return when Zandil Deemed it fit.

When Maaku was on his way to the Harbour, Along with Two fellow Templars who he was Friends with, Wilnikit and Border, Ran into Areinsaw. He had Been in Exile but had decided to return to gather support. Areinsaw, Maaku, Wilnikit and border along with Conphas set out to seek the advice of the Alliance leaders.


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