Overview Edit

All information gleaned on this subject was pieced together by a foolish young Elf from the designs originally created by Widjet DaVicesprocket, further empirical reports on its effectiveness are to be found at the bottom of this entry. All information is taken directly from the original notes or from notes made by Sorcerer Brian Rimeshade, the afforementioned fool. These notes have been copied and the originals returned to the Elf, do not arouse his suspicions, remain subtle in your investigations. The following report has been translated from the original Gnomish and added to Rimeshade's works so they seague as best as possible, words in brackets are either unknown guesses or uncertain translations

- Sergeant Laios'dal Starblaze, Silvermoon Cretin Investigation Department.

Magitech Armour Edit

The process of forging this armour requires one to be skilled at both magic and (technology), it is not enough to merely understand the theory of magic and engineering, one must grasp the practice as well. To this end one should surround oneself with skilled engineers, (technomagi) and magi in order to select the best people for the task at hand, for one mistake in crafting this magnificent suit could be the last mistake you ever make.

First one must gather up the necesscary materials, the best conductor of magical energy is (saronite) but such a (volatile) and frankly dangerous substance can and should be substituted for something else such as [mithril], thorium or adamantite. After finding the necesscary materials they must be prepared by being bathed in a font of (arcane power), this can be achieved by leaving the materials in an (arcane sanctum), near a magical library or charging it directly with the aid of (arcanists or sorcerers). Once the necesscary materials are procured and charged one can begin the crafting process. This requires an engineer, mage and a (technomage) although a (technomage) and mage should be sufficient also as the prescence of the engineer is merely a precaution.

To craft the actual armour, the (technomage) must lay out the materials and provide the mage with a (sketch or schematic?) of the armour, the mage should then focus on drawing in all available arcane power in the area to craft the metals directly into the form they desire, such a task is (heavily tiring/ennervating/possibly dangerous?) on the mage and the (technomage) must be on hand to lend extra power should the mage's lapse. Once moulded it is up to the (technomage) and mage to imbue the suit with arcane energies, the (technomage) should provide a "focus gem(?)" for this process. Using this "focus gem" the (technomage) and mage can permenently seal the arcane energies within the armour, depending on the "focus gem" used an additional school of magic may be added to the armours effects, (even a school


Sketch of "Magitech Armour" it must be noted the Gnome who drew it was suffering from two broken fingers and a sprained wrist.

the wearer does not or did not previously understand or know) but only when worn. A rough list is as follows;

Amethyst - Shadow

Aquamarine - Water/Frost

Garnet - Fire/Lava/(Explosive force?)

Periodot - Natural(?)/Earth

Amber - Enchanced Physical might(?)

Understand that this process is highly dangerous and any mistakes made during construction may harm the wearer later, however, if you have followed these steps and the steps contined in my detailed analysis (this book is missing from our archives) all should go according to plan. To the right is a rough sketch of how the finished product should look.

Further Investigations Edit

Rimeshade has been seen to use this armour without any physical or mental side-effects, however the armour does appear to be highly vulnerable to lightning and possesses several weak-points around the joints that can cause it to malfunction. It also seems to have an effect on magical creatures as his ghoulish familiar shows, this creature has been the main reason we have not been able to take out the subject quietly, preventing us from performing field tests with it. It is for these reasons that we recommend this armour not to be used by Guard personnel or Soldiers until we have verified its stability.

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