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Malandir is an arrogant, young Magister, well-known amongst the Silvermoon Mage community for being unorthodox, spectacularly vain, and overly fond of witty remarks. The difference between him and the rest of the Magisterium is that he doesn't pretend otherwise, and makes no claims of superiority. Presently, he is exploring the Stonetalon Mountains, and trying to invent a magical sunblock that doesn't turn you green.

Name and Titles Edit

  • Magister Malandir Arcturus Dwynae, Ph.D, Ma.D(hons)
  • Mally
  • "Oh god!"

Physical Edit

Age: 124

Height: 7 feet (213 cm)

Weight: 180 pounds (82 kg)

Calling Malandir "distinctive" is far too diplomatic, and probably the understatement of the decade. Absurdly tall, lanky, and slim, Malandir looms over his colleagues. His facial features and physique is a mixture of sharp angles and soft curves; pointed cheekbones and a wide grin, curved hips and pointy shoulders, with elongated limbs and digits. His hair is a shining golden-blond, perhaps too well-kept for an adventurer, held in a loose ponytail with a length of purple ribbon. He prefers robes to tunics and trousers.

He is often seen scribbling in numerous magical journals and textbooks, which he carries in a functional leather courier bag - and his pockets jingle when he walks, as they are entirely full of magical charms, religious icons, curios and other miscellanea, enough to stock a series of New Age Religious stores.

His voice has a sing-song quality to it, which may either be annoying or charming, depending on your mood. He invariably smells of cherries.

Class and Professions Edit

Malandir is a Magister of Quel'thalas, and works to maintain the city while he isn't adventuring.

He is fairly indifferent when it comes to professions, and relies on his Magisterium salary and adventuring booty to carry him through, occaisionally doing a bit of trading.

Guild Edit

None, IC or OOC.

Social Edit

Coming fairly soon.

Family Edit

Lina and Sirus Dwynae, both of them High Elves who refused to join the Blood Elves; their status is unknown.

Background and Expanded Notes Edit

Background Edit

As requested by Joras Zenith, Dean of Arcanistry, Malandir's Magisterium notes have all been kept locked up, and are not due to be released "until the sun sinks into the sea, or that git dies in a fiery explosion". However, loyal reader, we can reveal that Malandir's particular story begins one hundred and twenty four years ago, in Quel'thalas. The Dwynae family was famous for its worship of the Light and strict ways, and Malandir was a quiet youth, attentive and studious. Well, that is until he was sent to a seminary school. Malandir wasn't particularly hard done by, or mistreated, but he was a young lad, and proclaiming to your mother that they had to rename the "vestal virgins" generally doesn't earn you many pats on the back.

It does, however, earn you a kick up the arse. While Malandir was poorly suited for Priestly endeavors, he took well to Magic, and managed to earn a scholarship to a prestigious Magical College, where he learned how to turn people into sheep, freeze people solid, and goose attractive girls from ten yards away with arcane hands. He excelled in his studies, despite earning a permanent record which requires its own filing cabinet, but there were... Complications, in the final year of his study.

As said, Zenith won't let it be published. All we know is that it involved five classrooms, an intricate faculty portal network,the Dean of Arcanistry's daughter, and her two best friends. He was scheduled for early examination, and managed to pass with 98%. Within a month, Zenith had managed to convince the Magisterium that the Honours system had to be scrapped.

Nevertheless, Malandir has spent the last few years making a name for himself as a creative (if somewhat crazy) Magister, with more than enough interest in the well-being of the city to satisfy Rommath's fireball hand.

Notes Edit

Coming very soon.

Fiction Edit

Coming fairly soon.

Out of Character Edit

Malandir is an alt of User: Scintillatus and provides most of this information to you IC, as Malandir doesn't understand the word "shy", in any of the three languages that he speaks.

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