Sir Marcosius (pronounced as ‘Marcosia’) Dawnweaver, or "Marc" to friends, is a Blood elven priest. A firm supporter of his people, whose loyalties lie with not just Silvermoon, but his people as a whole – most else is secondary; rest of the Horde's needs are secondary, to make the point clear. He is not a xenophobe however, as he loves to meet and work with new people of all kinds.

Vital Stats and Physical Appearance Edit


Marcosius in his informal outfit.

  • Age: 228
  • Height: 6'4" (192cm)
  • Weight: 167lbs (76kg)

Marcosius is slightly taller than an average blood elf, of a sturdy build – he is not remarkably physically fit, but not all out of shape either. His hair, eybrows and beard have started to grey, and his once youthful face has started to gain features of old age as wrinkles have started to appear.

He has a feature that distinguishes him off of most other blood elves: Thanks to his conviction, his eyes do not glow with fel green; his eyes have a whitish, what one might describe as an “empty” dim glow, that has started to strenghten since the reignition of the Sunwell.

His face also sports a tattoo: An intricate pattern of lines and orbs below his right eye.

As a priest, he wears robes when in public; Usually scarlet red with black details and golden decorations. When traveling, he can usually be seen carrying an old, yet distinctly magical, staff strapped on his back. His mount naturally carries most of his larger belongings while on lengthy travels.

Family Edit

  • Varelan Dawnweaver – Father (deceased)
  • Alestia Mistfall– Mother (deceased)
  • Vaera Mistfall - Sister
  • Lynna Mistfall - Sister (Both sisters make their home in Silvermoon)

Friends, Acquaintances and Relationships Edit

  • Adeline Lerathien – His better half, a life companion
  • Adelina – A friend, a young Blood Elf Priestess
  • Chii – Domesticated Dragonhawk, a trusty companion

Along with Adeline, most important people in his life are his younger sisters to whom he is more akin to a surrogate father than brother, and who feel more like daughters to him than sisters.

Beliefs and general history

Those who kept their faith to the Holy Light as taught by the Church of the Holy Light are few and far between among the Sin’dorei – many a preacherman stayed as High elves and those Blood Elves who still clinged to the old ways were commonly ridiculed, discriminated against and, in general, treated very poorly under Kael'thas' and his magisters' reign.

Before the Third War, Marcosius oversaw a small congregation in his home village. What little was left of it after the war, was then absorbed in to the growing Blood Knight order despite his protests. As he refused to partake in consuming fel magic, he was faced with numerous interrogations on where his loyalties lay, and even threats of violence.

As the Church of the Holy Light operates primarily inside major Alliance settlements where he is not welcome, he mainly stays in touch with old friends and former superiors by mail or magic, especially now as he is getting older and traveling to more neutral ground isn't as carefree of an ordeal as it used to be. Nevertheless, he is still deeply sympathetic to the Church's cause and has no regrets of helping the hurt, lost and injured he has encountered and will continue to encounter on his travels, even if they had been enemies of the Horde.

General Background Edit

Marcosius was born over two hundred years ago in a part of Eversong Forest, a town since ceased to exist, near what is now known as Deatholme. His mother was known as Alestia Mistfall and his father, Varelan Dawnweaver. His mother survived the the events of the Third War only to succumb a year later to an illness – her age most likely had been a deciding factor as well as the magic addiction that had weakened her. Varelan had died defending Tranquillen, buying his family and other civilians time to escape.

For a long time he made his living out of running what little errands he could get from people in exchange for money or supplies. Traveling Outland, Northrend and other continents of Azeroth, he became known jokingly as the "beggar in silk" in many of the cheap Inns he stayed in - especially in Outland and Northrend where he was often paid a hefty reward for his help. He always sent all the money he got home to his family, preferring to pay his upkeep with work where possible. Oftentimes he helped the innkeepers as a cook or delivering and retrieving foodstuffs or items for them.

While he spent all too many years away from his loved ones, he had ensured all of them a financially peaceful future - most of the money he had sent back to his sisters, they then took to the bank, which had stockpiled in to a fairly large sum gold over the years. Today, Marcosius is mostly retired from adventuring, preferring to spend his time largely in Quel'thalas and Lordaeron, taking care of his family with renewed vigor. Even so, he occasionally travels to meet old friends around the world.

Personality Edit

Marcosius' personality has seen numerous changes over the years, most important of which have been quite recent. Biggest change naturally came with the Third War, which ravaged his homeland and people. After hearing how the war had ended, the sorrow that came over him was tremendous. After the sorrow had passed, he was washed with feelings of burning hatred and anger, feelings he thought he no longer knew; For more than a hundred years he had been considered an extremely kind man who bore no ill will towards anyone.

Suffice to say, last ten years have been a rollercoaster of emotions to him compared to rest of his life, but he is finally settling back to his old self - a kind, forgiving man more concerned with the wellbeing of others than his own.

As of late, he has been gaining a more positive outlook on life, and the future of his people; He nearly always has a slight smile on his face because of this.

Quotes Edit

I do not question your loyalty, why do you see it fit for you to question mine?” – said during numerous interrogations
You ask me; have I stood face to face with madness? I have. And I learned from it.” – conversing with a dark ranger, follower of the Forgotten Shadow.

Personal Notes Edit

  • The prefix, Sir, does not in this case denote a knight; it’s merely a honorary suffix for an aging man.
  • I use real world terms to try to explain what I mean especially in things relating to religion. I also doubt that long lived species celebrate birthdays as much as us humans do, but it's a convenient word to use.
  • DISCLAIMER: Not everything in this article is necessarily true, or represent actual lore! The facts about blood elven priests are very sparse, so I had to make a lot of it up; I tried to make it sound believable, but I'm sure a lot of people would want to drink a suspension of disbelief potion while reading it. This is mostly just a background Marcosius doesn't flaunt around, basicly I'm just telling you what kind of person he is, what has he been through.

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