Marevh image2
Marevh's usual appearence
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Blood Elf
Faction Horde
Health Ageing
Level 70
Status In hiding
Location Unknown

Marevh is a shadowy figure, with a face seen only by very few. He is one of the villains of The Sha'tar, pulling many strings, organising dark deeds, and manipulating many leading powers. - A plan maker who usualy manages to stay in the shadow, being the dark mind behind a circle of people. Yet his intentions remains unknown, and the reason for his actions is yet to be uncovered.

He is said to hold great influence among many criminals and dark cultists, but since his location tends to be unknown, and he only appears personaly on rare occasions, it is unknown how far his reach of control is.


Not much is known of Marevh's past. He one day appeared as if out of nowhere, as a strange, hooded person. A person with visions, a person with a dream.

His first open actions was at the founding of the Pale Horse Inn in Tirisfial Glades, a shady rest opened by a forsaken innkeeper, Anthorius. He helped spreading the word, of a place where all the outcasts of the world could come and find rest, away from those who would hunt them, calling them evildoers.

There he made important contacts, sharing his dream of a world where the tables could turn, and it wouldn't be the so-called "evildoers" who were the hunted ones. With the help of likeminded allies, such as Kelenar Bloodstar, Admiral Quincy Lyon, the forsaken Sylla Nightshade, the innkeeper Anthorius and many more, some of the first plans were made.

What Marevh had in mind turned turned out to be two things - Picking up all from the smallest criminal, to the mightiest dark one, and bringing the "heroes" who were casting each of them out to their knees. And then, unite the dark side of society, making it gain control trough manipulation and power. He spoke that in truth, the heroes of this world were the ones comitting crimes, and that justice had to find its way to them.

For those purposes, he created The Eye of Shadow - a haven for shadows, as he called it.

However, just as everything flourished and more joined The Eye, something happend. The fewest really knows what, but for half a year, Marevh disapeared from the face of Azeroth entirely. At the day today, he is out there, rarely seen in person, but out there with his dark mind, pulling the strings behind a circle of people, while manipulating with others trough the shadows.

Both his dream and The Eye of Shadow lives on, but it has been pushed back, and it is currently unknown what his next steps will be.

For more information on Marevh and The Eye of Shadow, read The Vision.

Current Location and Activity Edit

Marevh's whereabouts are unknown. When something connected with him happens, it is usualy trough other persons. At rare times he appears personaly, only to disapear again when time is. His current purposes and activity seems to be a hidden gathering of informations, but it is uncertain for what exactly. He and the last remains of The Eye of Shadow only rarely show themselves at these times, and prefers to stay hidden. The only one currently known to be working for him directly, is the forsaken deathstalker, Stómare.

His lately absent from the world does, however, only raise reason to great concern.

The Eye of Shadow Edit

The Eye of Shadow was, as mentioned in the Background section, a guild created for every outcast of the world. Founded by Marevh himself, its purpose was to pick up anyone in need for a haven, and help unite the dark side of the society. To counter the so-called heroes and help those who they were hunting, was the purpose of the guild.

Rumours mention that the shades of many persons gathering was once detected in one of the hidden caves in Ashenvale Forest, but else the people of The Eye of Shadow have remained unseen.


"By telling lies we shall reveal the truth, not cover it up."

Now, after the half-year pushback, only small remains are left, scattered and hidden. But the purpose is still there, and from the deep shadows Marevh's Eye still spins a web of lies and manipulation, secretly gaining influence for the ' greater good ' - which in this case means, for everyone that the world would cast aside and call an evildoer.


" By telling lies we shall reveal the truth, not cover it up. "

" The so-called heroes of this world are the ones comitting crimes, and justice will find its way to them. "

" Think of the poor one, stealing food and a few coins for survival. They lock him up, taking away his family, his friends, everything he owns. They ruin his name and lets his children starve to death, spitting at him and his. Then they let him go, and he starts taking a few things back. And now they call him a criminal? They call him a murderer? "

" So they call us the villains? How... Intriguing. "

- Marevh

Class and OccupationEdit

Marevh is a trained demonologist, a summoner - although faint rumours speak of him having performed acts of Necromancy. His study in these arts has also gifted him with a few other talents, including great knowledge of manipulation and control.

Personal NotesEdit

Marevh's aligment is a combination of Neutral Evil and Chaotic Good, his personality showing signs of both of them.

The concept of this villain character, is made with inspiration of the character V, from the V for Vendetta stories.

The character V

His choice of words and love for the theatrical are great examples of this.

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