Matzas got his name after his grandfather Matzas the Brave. Zin'Bon mean strenght and endurance in old trollish language. Surname Kunderhald has long history in his descent. This surname first appear in a war for Noldrassil, than was long time lost but now every one forget it.

Physical TraitsEdit

If you will look at him, you will see his eyes. One is brown other one is blue. That's because his grandfather told him their family met some warlock and he cused them.

Race and ClassEdit

Matzas isn't very strong or intelligent troll but he has bit endurance. He can hunt prey for a weeks without rest. He is excellent hunter, he can track everything and everyone. And his scorpid Llyan is very loyal pet and she helps him with everything he need.


After Verdauga was killed by Grimtotem tribe, his dream shattered and members of The Thousand Eyes left Vardauga's vision behind. Matzas was really sad with Verdauga's death, he was his friend and leader of tribe. Matzas wandered lost lands of Desolace where he found his new tribe. Shadowbranch is trollish tribe. They picked up Matzas from his madness to his old shiny days. He hunts and helps once again. May he grow in strenght.


He is great story teller. He has many stories from his grandfather to tell us. His other proffesions are skinning, he can skin every animal he will meet and leatherworking to process skins from skinning.


He has just 2 brothers and 1 sister but he don't know where they are. At his 5 years he had 10 brothers and 5 sisters but one day near his village came monster to forest and start killing villagers. His brothers and sisters went to forest to kill this monster (they didn't want to take him because he was too young). They were there for 1 week and than just 2 brothers and 1 sister came out but monster was dead.


After rest of family left him alone in village after incident with monster. One orc familly took him to them and they brought him up to excellent hunter. At his 11 years he left them an start looking for his brothers and sisters but never found them.

Family BackgroundEdit

After incident with monster he don't know anything about them but he found his new family in his new tribe Thousand Eyes.

Criminal RecordEdit

Druids from Cenarion Circle wanted to arrest him for killing animals but he told them he is killing them for food not for fun so they let him go.

Matzas and his LlyanEdit

WoWScrnShot 013109 102150

Matzas and his pet Llyan

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